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  1. mens western jewelry wholesale P100 graphics card computing power is: dual -precision floating -point computing power 4.7 Teraflops. 5.3 Teraflops, single -precision floating -point computing power 9.3 TERAFLOPS, 10.
    nvidia Teslap100 uses Nvidia Pascal ™ GPU architecture to provide a unified platform to accelerate the development of HPC and AI, greatly increase throughput, and reduce costs.
    P100 uses more than 700 accelerated HPC applications (top 15) and all deep learning frameworks. The Tesla P100 equipped with NVIDIA NVLIink technology can maximize the performance by 50 times the performance.
    The full name of the interface card (Video Card, Graphics Card), also known as the display adapter, is one of the most basic and most important accessories of the computer.
    Igly, the graphics card, as an important part of the computer host, is a device for the computer to digital model signal conversion, and undertakes the task of output display graphics.
    If the graphics card is connected to the computer motherboard. It converts the digital signal of the computer into an analog signal to display the display. At the same time, the graphics card still has image processing capabilities, which can help the CPU work to improve the overall operation speed.
    is very important for people engaged in professional graphic design. Civil and military graphics card graphics chip suppliers mainly include AMD (ultra -micro semiconductor) and NVIDIA (Nvidia). The current TOP500 computers include the core of the graphics card computing. In scientific calculations, the graphics card is called display acceleration card.

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