bali shell jewelry wholesale How much sound waves do you need to brush a lion with a lion?

bali shell jewelry wholesale

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  1. white turquoise jewelry wholesale Douyin brush a lion special effect
    unicorn 8888 shaking coins.
    Fans to reward
    Douyin's sound waves are the anchors when the anchor is broadcast live. The proportion of the ratio is transformed into sound waves, and the anchor can withdraw from the proportion of renminbi according to the sound waves.
    Couple the anchor task
    Now the platform encourages the anchor to launch, click the anchor task in the upper right corner of the live room, check your own task, complete it as required, and you can get a certain Douyin sound every time you meet a task. Wave rewards.
    How how to calculate the benefits of Douyin Yinyou
    1, the proportion of current sound waves and waves is 10: 1, that is, 10 sound waves = 1 yuan, but it should be noted, not all sound waves The income is the personal income of the anchor. At the time of withdrawal, the anchor and platform have a share ratio.
    2. For personal anchors, the proportion of the score of sound waves now is 50%. If your sound wave exchanges RMB 1,000, the anchor can get 500 yuan in income, but anchor can increase your sharing ratio by joining the Douyin Guild. The specific division should be based on the actual situation of the guild and the completion of the anchor task, but generally higher than 50%.
    How to increase the live revenue of Douyin
    1. According to the current sound waves and sharing proportions, as long as there are enough fans of the anchor, there are enough rewards for fans, and a lot of benefits can be obtained by the anchor live broadcast. Essence
    2, so as long as you can operate your live broadcast content with your heart, attract more fans' attention. You can get more rewards and improve live broadcast income.
    If Note
    1. If the base of the vibrato fan at the beginning is small, it is recommended that the frequency of brushing the powder should be a little slower, and it is not easy to attract attention a day.
    2. It is recommended to brush a little every day if the vibrato brushing is brushed. If you stop too fast and stop, it is easy to be reported by other users to report the powder.
    3, it is best to pay attention to the update of the account content while brushing the powder, otherwise the content of the content can not keep up with the speed of brushing.
    4, the vibrato brushing powder is best not to use the same address or account, etc., it is easy to be found, it is best to replace it with more insurance.
    Ox of the gift of Douyin villa
    1, always accompany you 520 shaking coins.
    3, the heart of the universe 18888 shaking coins.
    4, the launch of love 999 shaking coins.
    5, candy cannon 6666 shake coins.
    6, love circle 2333 shaking coins.
    7, sweet delivery up to 8888 shaking coins.

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