wholesale jewelry supplies oakland ca Basic introduction of Olympus E-P5

wholesale jewelry supplies oakland ca

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  1. ethnic jewelry wholesale Olympus E-P5 has also maintained the positioning of high-end products in terms of function, built-in WIFI, and can be connected to Android or iOS devices running Oi Sharp software. As long as you connect to WiFi and connect to the smartphone through the form of scanning QR codes, then no matter whether it is taking photos or some photos before, it can be saved on the phone, which is very convenient to operate. Even you can add a filter or add a watermark to the photo. However, you can only use these functions in the IAUTO mode. This mode cannot adjust the size and shutter speed. Another magical feature is that you can use the device's GPS to add location information to the photo, so that others know where you took these photos.
    An Olympus's new camera PEM E-P5 also has other advantages, so wait for the next week to officially go public. Let's witness. The single price of this camera is expected to be $ 1,000 (about RMB 6200). If it is paired with a 17mm/F1.8 lens and VF-4 electronic viewfinder, the price will be $ 1,450 (about RMB 8600).

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