1 thought on “How long does it take to confirm the recharge on the OKEX chain”

  1. Determine according to the time confirmed by artificial customer service.
    Ifal asset transfer is divided into three steps: proposed -block confirmation -accounts. 1. Proposal: The successful transfer of transfer represents the platform or wallet of the currency for transfers; 2. Block confirmation: Complete the corresponding block confirmation. If the block is congested and delayed at that time, it will cause the digital assets to be delayed to complete the complete confirmation; 3. After the account is completed, the platform will complete the account as soon as possible.
    a) If the block is not fully confirmed, please wait patiently. Only by confirming can the platform be held for you.
    b) If the block has been completely confirmed, but the Alokex account has not been accounting, please contact the online customer service or submit the work order processing.
    c) If you apply for withdrawal to ALOKEX on a platform, you have not found TXID for a long time, please contact the other party's platform customer service inquiry and processing.

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