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  1. There are two concepts of electronic wallets: one is pure software, which is mainly used for online consumption and account management. Such software is usually connected with bank accounts or bank card accounts. The second is the smart storage card with a small amount of payment. The cardholder deposits a certain amount in the card in advance, and the transaction amount is deducted directly from the storage account during the transaction.
    The electronic wallet is a payment tool commonly used in e -commerce shopping activities. It is a new wallet often used in small shopping or purchasing small products. Shopping with electronic wallets usually needs to be carried out in the electronic wallet service system. The software of electronic wallets in e -commerce activities is usually provided for free. You can directly use the electronic wallet software on the e -commerce system server connected to your own bank account. You can also adjust it from the Internet. Electronic wallet software. At present, there are two major electronic wallet service systems in VISACASH and Mondex. Other electronic wallet service systems also include CLIPs of EUROPAY and Proton of Belgium.

    customers using electronic wallets are usually in banks. There are accounts. When using an electronic wallet, install the relevant application software to the e -commerce server, and use the electronic wallet service system to enter the data on your various electronic currencies or electronic financial cards. When receiving payment, if the customer wants to pay with an electronic credit card, for example, when receiving payment with VISA card or person card, the customer only needs to click the corresponding item (or the corresponding icon) to complete it. People often call this electronic payment method. Payment or electric shock payment method.

    It can only be fully installed in electronic currencies in electronic wallets, that is, installing electronic cash, electronic change, security change, electronic credit cards, online currencies, digital currencies, etc. These electronic payment tools can support the click -through payment method.

    The functional management module of electronic currency and electronic wallets in the e -commerce service system is called an electronic wallet manager. Customers can use it to change the confidential passage or confidentiality method, and use it to view themselves to view themselves Electronic currency accounts, lists and data on the bank account. There is also an electronic trading recorder in the e -commerce service system. Customers can understand what they buy and how much they buy through the query recorder. They can also print out the query results.

    , although the use of electronic wallets often starts with a concentrated city or industry, but if different industries and regions develop their own electronic wallets, universal is an important issue. The universal effect brought by the unified standard enables different electronic wallet acceptance terminals to be shared at low cost. This is an important prerequisite for the development of electronic wallet cross -industry and cross -regional development. As far as my country is concerned, the financial IC card standards of the People's Bank of my country have formulated the standards of electronic wallets and electronic passbooks in my country, which laid the foundation for the development of the unified electronic wallet in China. At present, this standard does not formulate non -contact standards, which means that the standard cannot enter the largest application area of ​​electronic wallet -traffic, so it needs to be further improved.

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