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  1. The original X3 race
    1, argon
    argon was a descendant of the Earth who wandered in the universe during the war. After the war, they understood that they could no longer return to the earth, so they reached an agreement to delete the part of the earth from history.
    Il discovered a planetary system with Sonra as the core, and settled in the fourth planet Sonra 4 in it. In order to commemorate Nathan R Gunne, this planet was called R.Gunne and was written as Argon.
    argon has gone through two large -scale wars of X Universe -Xenon War and Boron War. Through these two wars, Argon greatly promoted the weapon research and development of X Universe, and it became among the five members of the five major members of the Common Wealth. Very rich, very diversified race. It also has the most powerful fleet and the most advanced military technology of the five major races.
    argon adopts a federal system. Argon Prime is the capital of the Argon Federation and one of the most exciting planets of the entire X Universe. It has the best life, entertainment, and educational facilities in the universe.
    The president of Argon is Frann Herron.
    2, boron
    Boron is the most intelligent of the five major races, but it is also the one with the most loved peace and the least aggressiveness. Before the Boron War, they had no their own weapon research and development technology and fleet.
    300, Argon's fleet encountered Boron's spacecraft in a sector during the detection of Xenon's old nest, so Argon and Boron established a relationship. In 336, the Argon fleet arrived at Boron's mother star. The two sides officially formed an alliance.
    Boron mother star is a planet with ammonia and toxic swamps on the surface. It is fatal (including ARGON) for any human creature. However, the Boron people are very kind, although they have the technical advantages leading to other races of Common Wealth in various fields. But they don't know how to turn this advantage into an overwhelming weapon.
    299, Split encountered Boron's spacecraft. Out of instinct, Split attacked Boron's spacecraft and attacked Boron's core area all the way. Although Boron began weapons development, it still couldn't resist the Split-Paranid The attack of the coalition. However, in 350 years, when Split-Paranid was ready to perform the final attack, Argon participated in the war and defeated the Split Paranid forces in one fell swoop. Boron was pulled back from the cliff.
    Boron is a constitutional monarchy. The Boron people lead the government through the election to lead the entire country, but the symbolic kingdom ruler, the Boron royal family, still exists. The current royal leader is Queen Atreus.
    Boron and Argon for a long time, this is the "basic association".
    3, split
    Split is the most mania and aggressive race among the entire Common Wealth. They ruled their planets in a very simple way -killing all other creatures. Split is also the earliest among all races to develop weapons.
    SPLIT after completing the occupation of the planet, they decided to develop a certain social system, so the war broke out. Emperor Thuruk established a feudal system and continued.
    100, Split developed a very simple rocket and successfully boarded their satellites.
    299-360, Split joined Paranid to invade Boron, but was defeated by Argon, who was finally participating in the war.
    Split and Paranid have a very special relationship -hate hate but reaching a temporary agreement because they cannot defeat each other -this is the same as their relationship with Xenon. They are also the only race that communicates with Xenon, so Argon always doubts whether there is a relationship between Split and Xenon, but in fact Split only reached an agreement with them because of unable to defeat Xenon temporarily. It's Xenon.
    4, Paranid
    paranid is a religious country. The Paranid is the strongest race in the universe, while the second is Split.
    In the early days, Paranid and Argon established a certain contract relationship, but when Argon was attacked by Xenon, facing Argon's help, Paranid finally abandoned rescue, so Argon and Paranid turned their faces and turned to Split. In the subsequent Boron war, Paranid and Split were defeated by Argon.
    Paranid and Split are also unreliable, they call it a profit meeting.
    Subsequently, during the war between Split and Xenon, Paranid announced that he would not participate in any war actions, exacerbating the deterioration of the relationship between Paranid and Split.
    5, teladi
    teladi, like Argon, is a race that is cut off with the mother star by jumping door. But unlike Argon, the colonies outside the mother star can only reproduce female members (lonely female reproduction), so genetic defects are constantly accumulated. Moreover, they did not completely dispel history from the beginning, like Argon, but still seeking to return to their motherhood -Jiamus Zura. In the process, TELADI is increasingly found that it is almost done. Hope the destruction allows TELADI to enter a state of extremely greedy and corrupted social state. Everyone is completely profitable. They have no concepts such as faith and love. All the indicators of their actions are only one, that is, profits.
    but lucky is that TELADI avoided the Xenon war and the Boron war, so you can directly enjoy the more peaceful status quo in the X universe. But when they just joined, they refused to join the Basic Association, because they refused to use Argon's currency as a circulating currency, so they turned to join the profit meeting.
    589, TELADI set off a financial crisis, which eventually led to the reform of large circulation and established the Common Wealth to use Credit as the currency unit.
    teladi is a creature similar to large upright lizards.
    argon, boron, Split, Paranid, TELADI are the five major races that make up the Common Wealth. In addition to the Common Wealth, there are some other special races.
    6, xenon
    In the early stage, almost no one knew the origin of Xenon. Almost all spaces that encountered Xenon were eliminated. Xenon was initially discovered by Split in about 200 years that when Split was trying to establish contact with it, it was shot down by Xenon. So Split declared war, and the result was that Split was almost annihilated. In 210, Argon's space station and colonies encountered Xenon damage. Until 214, a report submitted by a survivors that the attacker was Xenon.
    225, after Xenon destroyed an Argon space station, Argon declared war, this is the Xenon war. In the early days, Xenon had an overwhelming advantage, but then Argon used a bold strategy to finally compress Xenon back to the depths of the universe.
    Common Wealth members have no contact with Xenon, but Xenon occasionally send some information to Split.
    did not know the origin of Xenon until Kyle Brenan arrived in Argon Prime. Xenon is actually artificial intelligence machines, without life. They were originally designed and manufactured by human beings, called transforming the planet environment so that they are suitable for human beings. However, in the 2115 Earth, an upgrade error caused self -awareness. Then, when trying to repair this error, another error caused their consciousness to cause confusion between reality and virtual, and made a big mistake. Destroy the earth and most of the outer space colonies. The outbreak of war.
    terran adopt a strategy of neighbors, which will seduce a jump door and then destroy it. This action ended the war, but also caused two consequences. Argon race, second, the huge threat to other races allowed Ancient (builder of the jumping door) to re -set the position of those jumping doors and sealed the places where they appeared in a closed ring. This is the X universe.
    No one knows where Xenon's old nest is. Production line. However, entering these two areas requires a large number of Xenon Core star areas containing a large number of Xenon, probably only SOHNEN spacecraft can do it.
    7, khaak
    A group of living creatures similar to insects. All individuals have the instinct to serve the mother. Therefore, the same is true of Khaak's spacecraft, they can be assembled. Their fighter looks like a collection of several positive tetraonal bodies. Different collection methods can constitute different types of fighter jets, and their warships can constantly release these fighters.
    The khaak drifting outside is not terrible, but once Khaak launched a scene under the leadership of Destroyer or Carrier, it was a scene that almost everyone was unwilling to face.
    The generally believe that Khaak has no independent consciousness, and expanding outward is just a kind of instinct for them.
    8, goner
    is also different from Earth people, but unlike Argon, they are keen on religious activities. Therefore, they gradually differentiated from Argon to form Goner races.
    9, pirate
    pirates. It is not appropriate to call them "race". In fact, it is a "career" more accurate. Because of the pirates, the five major races have their members. Of course, there are fewer Argon people, because Argon's life is superior to other races, and no one will go to be pirates.
    10, Terran
    In the original game, Terran is a race with the strongest combat effectiveness. At the end, they easily destroyed a large group of Xenon with a fleet. They had Odin, the strongest battleship in the original game, but the almost instinctual fear allowed them to block themselves in the solar system and cut off all the connections with the X universe. In the end they also warned Argon, who was the same root with their roots: any non -Terran who entered the solar system would be eliminated.
    The above 10 are the races of the original game, and in XTM, there is a new race.
    11, sohnen
    In XTM, Terran is far from the race with the strongest combat effectiveness. Sohnen is.
    sohnen has a variety of weird technology and equipment. They rarely appear in the X universe, but once they appear, the witnesses are almost impossible for the whole body to retreat. They have a huge spherical space station at Last Frontier.
    At present, people know almost nothing about SOHNEN's history. They are far more mysterious and confusing than Xenon. Their technical strength and military equipment are far from any race (including Terran, including Terran Above.
    The evidence shows that there is some kind of connection between SOHNEN and Ancient, which builds jumping doors and architecture X universe, and a more aggressive idea believes that Ancient is a gathering body of multiple races (similar to parliament), Sohnen is one of them, even the leading class.
    The real -time situation is that SOHNEN is the earliest race in the entire universe, occupying decision -making and leadership in the Ancient Parliament, which also explains SOHNEN's almost incredible technical strength.
    . Their spacecraft has a daunting light spots. The weapons they use are shot beams with high hit rate and great power, and their protective cover is extremely high. Therefore, even XTM is XTM Terran Valhalla, one of the peaks of combat power, faces SOHNEN Incubus of the same level, has almost no chance of winning.

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