5 thoughts on “Tesla's official website supports Bitcoin payment, will you choose this payment method?”

  1. Tesla's official website supports Bitcoin payment, will you choose this payment method? I will definitely not choose this payment method, because once the economy is caught by others, it is not a good phenomenon for our lives to our society. The benefits, the currency like Bitcoin, is the death of the currency, is that the survival time is not long. For the short -term currency, the danger is particularly large, and the benefits are not high, so it is best not to use Bitcoin for transactions.
    If hype, if it is not because of other people's operation, Bitcoin is basically virtual currency, and it is not worth it like waste, but after other people's hype, Bitcoin becomes everyone's hands in the hands of everyone's hands. Gold coins, but in fact, once this period passes, no one will hype, and then those bitcoin will become a bunch of numbers without any value.
    The currency that is commonly known as Bitcoin is actually known as Bitcoin. This currency cannot be dependent. The exchanges required for life cannot depend on the Bitcoin. It is hype on Bitcoin. The currency is unreliable. Do not use Bitcoin for transactions. Otherwise, our lives make our lives worse.
    In general, we firmly believe that our current currency, our currency is very easy to use now. Do not use things like Bitcoin. Once you lose people's operations The lifeblood was caught, and then our life was dominated by the person. Relying on this virtual currency is not good for our lives.

  2. I won't, because I think there are too many unpredictable risks in this bitcoin, and there are many loopholes, so for our property security considerations, I will not choose this payment method.

  3. No, because I have become accustomed to Alipay and WeChat payment, and I am not very trustworthy for other payment methods.

  4. If I personally do n’t choose this payment method, because I do n’t have Bitcoin in myself, and I think this payment method is also troublesome.

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