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  1. Yesterday, the user's private key was stolen after the user registered an account in the EOSTEA. It is said that Eostea provides users with a helping word function. Users can choose a helping word. If the user does not enter the notes, it will generate a default default Private key. No one can count such a private key, of course, the user's account is easily controlled.

    If this is true, it means that Eostea's work is too professional: notes should not be entered by the user. In fact, the wallet provides a standard function, which is a standard, that is Bitcoin's BIP39. Let users enter notes, it is easy to collide, that is, different accounts use the same private key, which must be avoided. The solution is that notes must come from a standard chart of 2048 words (Github/Bitcoin/BIPS/BLOB/MASTER/BIP-0039/ENGLISH.TXT). It can be 24) is generated by the system with a strong random function to ensure that the aids obtained by each account are different. When the user imports notes, the wallet to check whether the 12 words that the user entered from the 2048 thesaurus is not refused to generate a private key.

    For humans, it is too difficult to remember that long -term private key, and it is relatively simple to remember the help words. Many people like to use helpful words. There is also a standard for the private keys from aid to the seed to the seed to the final private key, that is, the BIP44 (HD wallet). To put it simply, the key to BIP44 is the derivation path of the private key. Different currencies generate their own private keys according to different paths. It is M/44/60/0/0, EOS is M/44/194/0/0. As long as the wallet complies with BIP44, the same aid words will calculate the same private key in different wallet apps to ensure the compatibility of the wallet. And if the user has multiple currencies, just remember a set of help words. Wallets can generate corresponding private keys for users anytime, anywhere.

    The wallet strictly follows the BIP44 and BIP39 standards to generate help words for users, remember a set of aid words, eliminating the trouble of multiple currency private keys, which is very convenient and practical. Welcome to use wallets, access .io or .io. At present, it is not good enough for the mobile browser. Please use the desktop browser.

    About the wallet, there is a simple introduction here.

    (if there is any error in the text, please correct me to correct it)

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