The rise and significance of the New World -The virtual world defined by blockchain definition

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  1. We are fortunate to be in a historic moment of two parallel worlds that are about to complement each other. One is the physical world we are familiar with. Vaguely. If you are willing, you can refuse to enter the virtual world, but there will be many inconveniences in your life; people born after 2025 will feel that everything in the virtual world is so natural and familiar.
    The significance of the blockchain

    Ren Zeping's "Listen to Thunder in the Silent Place -See the Future of China from Statistics 2018" (March 3, 2019) By the time, "According to IMF estimates, the total GDP in 2018 reached 8.48 trillion US dollars, of which China and the United States accounted for 16.1%and 24.2%of the global GDP." China's 2018 GDP is equivalent to 90 trillion yuan.

    In data based on the statistics of the non -trumpet as of 19:33 on March 3, 2019, the total market value of the digital currency is about $ 136.4 billion, of which about $ 67.427 billion in Bitcoin, Ethereum $ 14.138 billion. In other words, the total market value of digital currencies only accounts for 1.6 ‰ of global GDP (US $ 84.8 trillion).

    I think the assets of the physical world will gradually map to the virtual world. In August 2018, I think there may be as many as 50% 60% of the future. In this way, digital currencies will still increase by more than two or three hundred times.

    In fact, meeting the physiological needs of clothing, food, housing, and transportation is relatively easy to achieve in modern society, and consumption is relatively low. When physiological needs such as food and clothing meet, people will naturally have psychological and mental needs such as safety, emotion, respect, and self -actualization, and the consumption of this part will gradually increase.

    "Listen to thunder in silence -from the 2018 Statistical Bulletin to the Future of China" is reflecting this change. , Consumption leading economic growth ":" The economic structure continues to optimize, the contribution rate of the three industries to the economy has reached a record high, and the contribution of consumption has increased significantly. From the perspective of the industry, the proportion of GDPs in first, second, and third industries is 7.2%, respectively. 40.7%and 52.2%, the contribution rate of GDP growth was 4.0%, 35.8%, and 60.1%, respectively, from the previous year's change of -0.9, -0.5 and 1.3 percentage points. R n

    . Although the service industry cannot completely correspond to the new world of the broad virtual economy, it is very high. During the Spring Festival in 2019, the film "Wandering Earth" was very popular. So far, the box office has broken 4.5 billion yuan. From the perspective of labor creation, the wealth created by the crew group has increased day by day.

    In Lin Zuoming's "Virtual Economics", he also proposed the views of life creation of wealth and wealth as a carrier. I also agree with it. The scope of life is far greater than labor; when the basic food and clothing problem is resolved, people are willing to spend more expenses in satisfying psychological and mental needs. Similar to high -quality digital content such as film and television, books, music, education, and games can be easily replicated, but the cost will not increase by thousands.

    Therefore, I changed my point of view (the original point is that the assets of the physical world will gradually map to the virtual world, but it will not be 100%, it may be up to 50% 60%), I believe that the assets of the virtual world in the future (such as the bitton assets proposed by Mr. Newton, the virtual economy proposed by Lin Zuoming) will be far greater than the assets of the real world (such as Mr. Newton's atomic assets, Lin Zuoming's real economy).

    D digitalization is an irresistible trend. Although the proportion of digitalization is still low in the current physiological information, behavioral data, and psychological information of everyone, as the software defines the world gradually deepen, because of the need for convenient life, low cost and efficient use of information, we will take the initiative to embrace. Or passive acceptance makes the digital ratio of each individual climb year by year. People born before the popularity of the Internet may not feel, but when those were born, the new generations who have become popular in the Internet, mobile Internet, and blockchain value networks. Older people will also increase their digital life ratio more or less.

    In the digital journey, the privacy protection of individual information, the security and transfer of digital assets will become more and more important. Calculation, credible storage) will be a must. Because each bit in the blockchain world is recorded on each node at the same time, and cannot be added or modified at will, which greatly enhances its certainty.

    Wang Jiaping said in "What is the Blockchain" and said: "The blockchain will further expand the computer frame of the von Norman architecture, so that it is the same as a specific physical physics. Only the computing device is separated to fundamentally avoid being controlled by a single control party, so that everyone can trust this computing system. "This reminds me of the" Software Definition Storage "written by me. Software defined data centers (Software Defined Data Center) are divided into three stages:
    1. Abstract (decoupled or standardized)
    2. Pond (virtualization)
    3. Automation (Strategic driver)

    Pre -. I mentioned in the "change of change that is, from the FCoin Exchange, McDonald's Issuance Maccoin token", " Synchronous distributed log set or record set ". Taking blockchain 1.0, which is Bitcoin as an example, it includes instructions such as bookkeeping or logging, as well as data such as book or logs. Instructions and data form a logical computing system. Early computers, its software systems and data were tightly coupled in physical computers. This computer is easily damaged, and instructions and data are also easily tampered with; later, a high available cluster appears. Physical security has some physical security. Guarantee; after the emergence of virtualization and cloud computing, the software system and physical hardware are understood. However, no matter which physical hardware is drifting to the software system, the ownership of the physical hardware belongs to the same individual or organization. Therefore, it is possible that the instructions or data are tampered with instructions or data because of lack of strict precautions (such as hackers), or internal misunderstandings, or even malicious operations.

    However, the blockchain uses the blockchain to run the software system on thousands of nodes, and everyone does the same thing: accounting or notes. The ownership of the physical hardware of tens of thousands of nodes is attributed to different individuals or organizations, and they do not know each other. Therefore, this software system not only realizes the coupling of the physical location (decentralization of architecture), but also Realize the decoupling of the right to use and ownership (the decentralization of the organization). In fact, the nodes of the entire public chain are based on consensus (open rules). It is built by many individuals or organizations that do not know each other in a self -organized manner. In essence Therefore, there is no single control to control, or tampering with the above instructions or data. This is a very thorough decoupling.

    The note is that in the Bitcoin system, the sharing calculation is not achieved, but the shared ledger is completed. Everyone is doing the same calculation. However, this shared ledger processing has opened a new chapter in IT history. Because this processing process is recognized by all node participants and is the cornerstone of credible infrastructure.

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