Inventory of previous World Young Master MVP! Real Madrid midfielder led a strong midfield, and many people spend a lot of money on the "Meteor"

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  1. The break in international football has not arrived, but the U17 World Cup is in full swing on a vast land in South America.

    Since the first war in 1985, the World Sharing has reached the 18th session. Brazil is the host of this contest.
    . Nigeria is the most successful team in this event. They have won the trophy of the World Championship in five times in 1985, 1993, 2007, 2013 and 2015. It is comparable to Brazil's World Cup in the World Cup. "Five -star miracle".
    At the U17 World Cup finals 2 years ago, England Guo Shao wiped 5 goals and finally won the Spanish strong championship 5-2, becoming the closest World Shao Championship.

    The highest honor of the world football youth group, World Shao Naturally, there are countless world superstars. The success of young players in this event often set a tone for their career and lay a better foundation for the professional football environment.
    is well known that the U17 World Cup Golden Globe Award is "Pearl on the Crown". The players who have won this award will become the object of European scouts.
    For this reason, we took stock of the previous U17 World Cup Golden Globe winner since 1999. Among them, there are not only geniuses who have been flying to the sky and the birth of the sky since then, as well as the "flying fire meteors" that have disappeared in the fans' vision since then.

    Below, let's take a look together.

    The club currently: San Diego's shock (American indoor football league)
    Mu match champion: Brazil
    Player team results: Hall Army
    1999 World The Golden Globe Award of the Young Sai is Donanvan.
    At the U17 World Cup held in New Zealand in 1999, the fledgling "Captain America" ​​scored 3 goals in 6 games to help the US team get a good result of the fourth place in the game.
    and he made a total of 41 on the U17 national team and scored 37 goals, which also sighed the majority of fans.
    The national team career, in 14 years, Dono made a total of 157 times for the US team and scored 57 goals. This is also a record of team history.
    The club career, "Captain America" ​​has played for Bayern, Leverkusen, Everton, and Los Angeles Galaxy (brief return) and other teams. It is currently effective in the San Diego shock team of the American indoor football league.

    The club currently: No
    Mo competition champion: France
    Player team results: Champion
    The 2001 World Championship, from France, from France, from France Polk scored 9 goals and became the Golden Globe winner of the current event.
    Plange's debut from the famous Leaer youth training system.
    , although he was bought by Liverpool later, he only completed 57 times on behalf of the "Red Army" in the following years and scored 8 goals. There were not many opportunities.
    is worth mentioning that in the final round of the Champions League group stage in 2005, Liverpool won the Olympiakus 3-1 to obtain the right to qualify for the group. This Greek Jinjin worshiped the "Istanbul Miracle" in the cradle.
    What everyone did not know was: It was the winner of the Golden Globe Award for the "Red Army" in the adversity of the "Red Army".
    Since then, Pomler has been moved to 10 different clubs and traveled to 7 different countries. Atletico Madrid should be the largest team.

    The club is currently located: Monaco
    Mo competition champion: Brazil
    player team results: runner -up Fabredas scored 5 goals in the contest. He and David Silva are the most eye-catching players in the World Shao, and they are "Gemini of the Spanish team".
    . With the brilliant performance of the World Championship, Xiaofa soon won the favor of Arsenal.
    The career of the "Gunner", the small law of the small law has made more than 300 appearances for the team, and scored 58 goals and sent an amazing 91 assists.
    Sub -then, the Spanish midfielder chose to return to Barcelona, ​​and left 151 games with 42 goals and 57 assists.
    Prior to the transfer of Monaco, Xiaofa also played for Chelsea in the same city in Arsenal.

    The club is currently located: (retired)
    Mo competition champion: Mexico
    player team results: runner -up The 2008 Golden Child Award ... In the world football, only Anderson and Fabredas, who can continue to income all the two awards in a row.
    The player, known as the "Little Ronaldo's class," joined Porto after the game, and transferred to Manchester United in 2007 for 20 million euros.
    The first year of Anderson's performance of "Red Devils" successfully harvested double crowns, but due to the continuous trouble of injuries, the Brazilian player did not fulfill his expectations of his expectations.
    In the 8 seasons of Manchester United, Anderson made only 181 appearances, and then moved to many Brazilian teams.
    last year, Brazilians found a job in the Yada team in Turkey Second League and officially announced their retirement in September this year.

    The club currently: Real Madrid
    The winner champion: Nigeria
    Player team results: third runner A thunderous name-Tony Cross.
    Limedies after the World Young Race, starting from the 2007-08 season, Cross has gradually played in Bayern Munich, Heathfield, and has become the youngest player for Bayern at the age of 17 (in recent years This record was broken by Alaba).
    The 2010-11 season, German midfielders have gradually stabilized the main force in the team, and successively helped Bayern and Germany to join the Champions League and the World Cup honor.

    The club currently: No
    Mo competition champion: Switzerland
    Player team results: runner -up
    compared to the above players, 2009 in the world, the youngest world The Golden Globe winner Emannur is simply synonymous with "a short -lived".
    Then Nigeria grew up in the Lazio youth training, but did not appear for the first team. Later, he began to move around with many European teams.

    The club currently: Pacheka
    The champion: Mexico
    Players' team results: Champion
    The winner, Hulio Gona is also a "meteor".
    , although Hulio has not appeared once on the front team of the Pacheka youth training system in Mexico.
    In recent years, Hulio has been sent to eight different clubs by the mother team.

    The club currently: Leicester City
    The champion: Nigeria
    Player team results The Golden Globe winner. Counting the finals of the current event, the former Manchester City player scored a total of 6 goals.
    The 15-16 season, the Nigerian teenager gradually began to play in Manchester City and dedicated 21st goals in his virgin season.
    But because of the big names in the team and there are strong aid bonuses such as Rebece, Ishinacho was sold to Leicester City by the "Blue Moon Legion" in 2018.
    is worth mentioning that in Last season, Last City defeated Flitwood's FA 2-0 last season, Ishinejo became the first player in the English field to benefit from VAR.

    The club currently: Porto B (ownership belongs to Arsenal)
    The winning champion: Nigeria
    Player team results: Champion
    The winner of the Young Golden Globe belongs to another Nigerian player -Enda Cacal.
    In after the World Shao Tournament shined, although Evccali was bought by Arsenal and got the opportunity to wear a "Gunner" jersey, in recent years, it has been repeatedly leased in the Netherlands and Portugal. Low -level league effects in other places.

    The club currently: Manchester City
    Mo competition champion: England
    player team results: England
    Phil Fuden is the closest world to us The winner of the Golden Globe Award.
    In November 2017, in a Champions League match with Fiyoord, Fuden, who was only 17 years old, appeared for Manchester City. He was rated by Guardiola as "the most talented player".

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