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  1. 1. The stockboard of the stock is based on the traditional industry.

    2, GEM, also known as Second-Board Market, is the second stock trading market. It is a type of securities market different from the mainboard market. Entrepreneurship enterprises, SMEs, and high -tech industry enterprises listed on the motherboards provide financing and development of financing channels and growth space for financing and development. The GEM is an important supplement to the motherboard market and has an important position in the capital market. The stock code of the China GEM listed company starts with "300".

    3, small and medium -sized boards are relative to the stockboard market. China's stock motherboard market includes the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The conditions of some companies do not meet the requirements of the stock market market, so they can only be listed in the small and medium -sized board market. The small and medium -sized board market is a transition of the GEM, and the market code of the small and medium -sized board in China starts with 002.

    This Reminder: There are risks to enter the market, and investment needs to be cautious.
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  2. The GEM Index is the GEM Index. It was formally prepared and released on June 1, 2010 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Nowadays, the Shenzhen market has the GEM index, the small and medium -sized board index, and the Shenzhen certificate. You can use Huatai Securities's one-stop wealth management platform- "Raise Fortune"-market query GEM index quotation.

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