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  1. Ranking of Agent Booking Company:
    1, Maiji Fortune Tax
    belonging to the company: Chongqing Maiji Financial Management Co., Ltd.
    In the 1990s, focusing on providing one -stop financial tax services for enterprises, covering financial consulting / accounting services / tax planning / intellectual property rights.
    2, Huacao Accounting
    belonging to the company: Beijing Huacao Accounting Co., Ltd..
    1996 created and landed on the New Third Board of fiscal and tax service agencies, relying on the Internet, integrating professionalism and remoteness, and the China General Accountants Association evaluated 5A -level agency accounting agencies.
    3, Huitu account
    belonging to the company: Beijing Gongjin Technology Co., Ltd..
    The representative brand of Internet fiscal and tax services is committed to providing professional and efficient integrated fiscal and tax services for SMEs.
    4, big account room
    belonging to the company: Beijing Dalu House Information Technology Co., Ltd..
    The well -known domestic smart financial and tax service brand is committed to creating tickets / financial / tax / human capital / social security / financial one -stop ecological service platform.
    5, Goku Finance and Tax
    Is to the company: Goku Financial Tax Service Co., Ltd..
    Established in 2004, it is a standardized enterprise service platform with financial and tax drum services as its core to provide multi -tax / integrated / automated fiscal and tax services.
    6, company Bao
    belonging to the company: Han Tang Xintong (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd.
    The "one -stop enterprise service platform" based on data -based / intelligent applications, independently develops a number of SaaS enterprise service ecosystems.

  2. It ’s good. After all, it is the Internet era. Everyone is still important for word of mouth. After all, you want to develop in the long run.
    and choose agent accounting:
    1. Look at word of mouth, it is best to search for the company's establishment, registered funds, and the company's reputation on the Internet.
    2. Looking at the scale, the smaller scale is just starting, and the service may lack some.
    3, look at the service, this era is the service, after all, the price is almost the same.
    4, see professionalism, this needs to be exposed to detail.
    The questions can be questioned or Baidu search Bangbang Enterprise on behalf of it

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