2 thoughts on “How to bury the puppy”

  1. You can choose to bury under the big tree far away from the city.
    first adjust the mood. I think the dog is not willing to see your sadness in another world, and then dressed the dog a little more beautiful, so that it was beautiful when the time was, and then found a box or a box or Small boxes and the like, put the dogs and their sleeping blankets and what they like together, and finally find a good tree under the scenery and bury the dog.
    is best to stay away from the city, and then buried deeply. This is not only responsible for the dog but also the responsibility of the nature environment. In fact, some cities have opened pet cemeteries. If conditions permit, you can also choose this method. When you think about it, you can see it at any time.

  2. Find a well -known wild place with mountains and rivers, and the dog is also happy
    . My dog ​​just left a few months ago, hey sad, I have been with me for 15 years

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