5 thoughts on “Go to get the dog (home). When you take it, ask the dog owner what the problem?”

  1. 1. Ask the dog how big the dog is, do you do not finish the vaccine, usually more than 2 months of hugging home
    If you do n’t understand pet dogs, it ’s better to wait for the dog to go home after his parents arrive at the vaccine. It's safer
    2. When is the deworming
    It, you can know the time of deworming the next time
    3. What should you pay attention to when raising such a small dog? Basic knowledge of bathing
    let him tell you in detail
    Actually you can check this yourself, many

    others seem to be gone
    You How old is that dog? Shouldn't it just be born?
    It, do n’t you take it back to raise it first, wait for the bigger,
    If the dog for more than 2 months
    , ask what he usually eats, which is to feed it except breast milk. What to do, how to feed

    Is the gender of dogs, look at the personal
    Is will have a regular holiday in the future, that is, for about 10 days
    The period of time To put a safety pants for her, the dog dedicated to the dog, the male dog, will be hesitate if he is in estrus, and then there will be liquid out. Essence Essence Essence
    It your psychological preparations
    The bitch will also hesitate
    The two bitch in my family will perform GL performances for free. Essence Essence
    This dog's genitals I can't accept
    because I am a girl
    Essence Essence
    I heard that the male dog is more beautiful than the bitch's hair color. R n
    The best cleaning and disinfection of the house before returning home
    The dog's nest should be prepared
    . There are two bowls
    one drinks one, one eats, one eats
    or a bowl of eating and a dog drinking heater
    is best to come again A toy
    This dogs have nothing to recreate
    This do not have fluff
    This smooth and safe
    In in the future, if you take a bath yourself
    Lu waiting for
    This will be fine after this

    It for a few days to pay attention to the dog cannot take a bath, you can wash it after the vaccine is done
    R n do not feed anything other than dog food
    or what the dog originally happened, you can feed what you can. R n because a lot of dogs cannot eat
    , such as chocolate, onion, etc. Do not take the dog out to play
    do not contact other dogs
    前 免 免 前
    Note the cleaning of the dog environment
    If the dog sneezes, it should be paid attention to

    It the vaccine to get Intelway
    three times to get
    Time to get
    and then take the second needle every 10 days
    mi to get the third needle plus rabies vaccine every ten days
    n The end is the deworming
    and other vaccines to drive and drive it.
    This is generally not urgent

    (Duwa schedule:
    birth to three months- -Witter every 2 weeks;
    three months to one year-take every 2 months;
    1 years old --- take every 3 to 4 months;
    Mother Dog --- After mating, take it once a month before and after production;
    Is when you find that your dog has insects with stool-every 2 weeks, until the feces are not worm

    Generally after the puppies are weaned, the first insect should be deworming. Below puppies below June should be deworming once a month, adult dogs are repeated once a quarter, and the breeders are in front of the breeding front -wheel drive. Once the insects, the breastfeeding nisters can be deworming at the same time with the dog.

    In order to improve the effect of deworming, it is best to conduct a dung test before each deworming. Drugs.

    The noteworthy is: special deworming drugs are divided into puppies and adult dogs. Reference
    The different medicine, you ask the doctor
    This It is the

    The first talk about these, do not understand you, check the information

  2. First of all, congratulations, the pure Bai Bo is beautiful and expensive ~~

    Macor to enter the home
    . The home should clean it to ensure the environment of the environment comfortable and ventilated. Prepare a cage or nest for the dog There must be a guy who eats and drink water, and you have to want to excrete her.

    . Go to see the dog pull and observe, which one do you like? (The premise is healthy) Do you like naughty, docile, or staying, or lazy? If you stay with them for a while, you will find it and observe it carefully. The dog does not say that it is suitable for men and women. The key is what you like.

    . About gender. The male dog urine, the bitch will come for a holiday, and it will be 15 days. Look at it yourself.

    . Ask the original owner, what these dogs eat, where to go to the toilet, what habit hobbies are. If the owner likes these guys very much, he will consciously tell you a lot.

    . The dog is important to the first urine at home, let it go to the place you want.

    . The dog takes it to visit it to make it impressed, not easy to be afraid. Prepare clean food. In addition, it may be called all day long, don't scold it, treat it well, and give it a week of adaptation time.

    The above is very basic. There are many knowledge about this. You can search your keywords in Baidu. Look slowly.

  3. The male dog is suitable for girls to raise. On the birthday, the first birth (preferably the first three), habit hobbies.
    This to bring a quarrel, a ruler, a comb, and weight.

  4. 1. Ask the puppy's habits
    2. Gong's
    3. Sweep the ground clean, so as not to eat the puppy
    4. When taking it out, put it on the dog chain
    5. Just go to the pet hospital to ask

  5. I think it ’s better for girls to raise girls! Mother will love coquettishness. It’ s cute!
    Is ask if we weaning. If not, it ’s best to pick it up. Prepare small towels! Also It is best to give a small red envelope to the other party ..
    A vaccine. It is better to go to the dog hospital to ask.
    and it is best to keep in touch with the other party. Em

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