5 thoughts on “How can I take care of a small stray cat?”

  1. It is not easy to take care of the small stray cat. After all, stray cats are not as obedient as family cats in some ways. In my opinion, if you want to take care of the small stray cat, you must first see if the small stray cat is weaned. If it does not wean and it has no experience in taking care of the kitten, it is best to send it to a pet hospital or pet shop. Please take care of it. If the kitten has been weaned, there are only three things that people have to do. One is to take it to do a whole body check, the other is to buy some cats for cats, and the third is not to take a bath immediately. It can be said that as long as the above three things are done, you can basically take care of the small stray cat.
    . Take it to the pet hospital for examination
    Thisy cats have more or less healthy problems, such as no vaccine, skin diseases, etc. Therefore, people should take it to the pet hospital for a comprehensive examination after picking up a cat to see if it is healthy. If the cat is normal, then people can raise this stray cat like a normal cat. But if a cat has a healthy problem, people should treat this stray cat in accordance with the pet doctor's treatment plan.
    . Buy some necessary supplies for stray cats
    If people want to raise cats, then some necessary supplies cannot be missing, such as cat sand, cat food, cats, cat nests, etc. According to my experience, these things must be bought back as soon as possible, so that the stray cats will develop the habit of eating and going to the toilet in a fixed area as soon as possible. Of course, if you have raised cats and things like cats before your home, you can also use these things to use these things directly to small stray cats, as long as these items are cleaned in advance.
    . Don't take a bath immediately
    The stray cat due to the problem of living environment, which will not be very clean. Therefore, many people want to take a bath after picking up the stray cat. Essence But you know, stray cats cannot take a bath easily, at least do not take a bath before the stray cat is vaccinated. Especially for small wandering cats, bathing often causes them to have various health problems, and even directly leads to their death. Therefore, if people want to take care of the small stray cat, do not take a bath after picking it up, but in the house to close it at home to close it, waiting for it to take a bath after the vaccine.
    In summary, when taking care of the small stray cat that has been weaned, people can take care of it as long as they pay attention to these three points. As for small stray cats that have not been weaned, people are better to send it to professional institutions for care.

  2. You should eat more nutritious foods for kittens, pay attention to the cleaning of the kitten, and take it to vaccine. Give kittens a comfortable nest. Give kittens more love and warmth.

  3. Go to the pet hospital to see a doctor and understand the physical condition. You can buy some cat food and give it a warm nest.

  4. You can take a bath for the other party, check if there is any problem with the other party, eat some cat food for the other party, and keep warm.

  5. You can buy an exclusive house in your life, you can also buy some cat food in your life, and you can buy some treatment excrement. You can sleep with a cat.

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