Let me help me. I raised a orange cat. I love it very much from birth to now. I have always taken care of. But it is so obedient, scratching, biting?

5 thoughts on “Let me help me. I raised a orange cat. I love it very much from birth to now. I have always taken care of. But it is so obedient, scratching, biting?”

  1. Each cat's personality is different. Bite people can teach from childhood. Every time my cat bits or scratch people, we hit it hard and make a big voice. He knows that this is wrong. If you are beaten, your cat should have grown up. Now you do n’t know if you can church. You can try it. Otherwise, you will be safe. It may be estrus in the middle of the night.

  2. It is recommended to lose it. It is not that you are too ruthless, but it bites you. This is very serious. Don't hurt you because you raise it.

  3. 它现在应该是到了精力最旺盛的年纪,你买几根逗猫棒,或者用毛线球、麻绳或者一点羽毛自制逗猫棒,用逗猫棒逗它,别用你手逗它,不然它You will play with you as a prey. Every night, you can use the funny cat stick to tease it, consume its energy, and let it run more. In this way, you can divert its attention, and it will naturally sleep when it is tired.
    Mexing the cat may be in estrus in the middle of the night. Cats will start estrus after 6 months old. If you have the conditions at home, you can bring to the animal hospital for sterilization surgery. Sometimes the male cat will have diuretic. If you have a cat, you can't let it have a kitten all the time, and you can't take care of the kitten.
    In you can't bear this kitten. He has always had feelings for so long. In the future, children can improve their children's immunity. There are many allergens that children come into contact with, and he will have strong resistance.

  4. Cat is a timid and alert animal, which can sensitively perceive the attitude of people to it.
    1. To this kind of cat, you must be mild, let it feel your goodwill, willing to get close to you, your scolding can only exacerbate the hostile of the cat, make the cat irritable and destructive.
    2, cats like to grab things for grinding claws, which is the nature of this animal. You can cut your nails regularly and prepare cats to grab the board. Cat grabbing is designed for cats and is a grinding artifact. With the cat grabbing, the chance of cat grasping other things is greatly reduced.
    3. Prepare cat villas, cat villas are large, and special cat toys. In case the cats are taught, they will be closed!

  5. Is it the estrus during the estrus?/Cat's estrus period is called at night: and it is unhappy that it is unhappy to find the companion: you go to touch it, but it will be against him Finding a companion is something that is not clean: a crystal ball is driven at home to drive it. It's fierce, you don't care about him for the time being.

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