How to draw the pet industry resources to open pet shops?

As the title, the coordinates Fujian, just set foot in the pet industry, belongs to the industry Xiaobai. I want to understand the close scenes and prospects of the pet industry through the universal Baidu circle friends, and I am grateful!

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  1. Turn Douban
    Today, the Internet era has fully penetrated people's lives, which has also made the pet industry develop more rapidly. There are more and more ways to use the pioneering drainage by merchants, but everything has two sides. Although there are many drainage methods, the marketing costs and energy that need to be invested have increased. In addition, the competition in the same industry is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, after a period of time in the store operation, the dilemma of decline in turnover will occur, even if many stores are opening During the period, the business was extremely hot, and they couldn't escape the dilemma of business. Customers are reduced in large quantities. How should the stores increase the passenger flow of the store? Stores can be rescued according to the following methods.
    1. Product discounts
    The stores can do some discount activities appropriately, or they can directly reduce the price of a certain product. When customers buy products, they let them feel the benefits brought by merchants. Product discounts can choose some categories that are not very good in sales. Through discounting promotion methods, the product can quickly sell the product. After the event, the store can use the data statistical function of the pet owner and pet shop management department to check the sales of the store discount products, make a timely summary, and then continuously enlarge the marketing effect.
    2, cash return
    After the customer purchases the product, the store can return a certain amount of the customer. For example, how much cash can be returned after buying a certain pet food. Stores can set the proportion of cash returns for customers consumption. The more customers spend, the more cash returned. This marketing method can not only help the stores to effectively control the operating costs of the store, but also allow customers to truly feel merchant benefits and make customers more intense.
    3, full gift coupon
    Is to get a certain amount of coupon when the customer consumes the amount, and the next time you can deduct it. Stores can set up specific discounts and receive conditions. For example, if customers spend more than 50 yuan, they can get a full reduction of full 30 yuan minus 5 yuan. If you spend 100 yuan over 100 yuan, you can receive a discount of 10 % off the total amount of consumption. This marketing method can largely carry out secondary development and multiple development of customers to increase the repurchase rate of customers.
    4, joint promotion
    "Joint Promotion" means that after the customer bought the A product, it is more affordable to buy B products. For example, the customer paid 200,000 yuan to buy a bag of cat food, and bought a pet costume with a original price of 50 yuan. At this time, pet costumes can enjoy discounts, only 30 yuan. Of course, these co -sales products can be matched by the merchants by themselves, and they can also combine hot -selling goods and slow -selling goods to drive the sales of slow -selling goods. Rejecting the accumulation of warehouses to adopt this method to continuously increase the unit price of the customer, thereby increasing the sales of stores.

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