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  1. The first meaning: Habits
    Is when cats have not been tamed by humans before they have captured food by themselves. After the food is killed, they will judge the size of the food and the hard and hard level by gently bite. And now, the cat still retains this habit. When it is okay, the cat likes to bite some things. What makes it bite is particularly comfortable, it will especially like to bite something. Most cats feel particularly comfortable when biting their fingers, so they like to bite the owner's fingers.
    The second meaning: Like the owner
    , in fact, the cat bite the fingers gently, which has a lot to do with it. The cat also knows what it says, so it will find a way to tell the owner in other ways that it likes it. And it is expressing his fingers, which is expressing the owner especially.
    The third meaning: I feel boring
    Actually, sometimes, cats will feel particularly boring. When the cat feels bored, it will look for the "things" that can be played by themselves. This At that time, if it sees it, it will go in front of it and bite the fingers gently. That's right, it just wants to find someone to accompany it for a while.
    The fourth meaning: Too nervous
    Cats will actually feel nervous. When the cat feels nervous, it will find ways to leave this place where it is nervous. If it can't leave this place where this makes it feel nervous, it will relieve its tension by biting the owner's finger. However, in general, only particularly smart cats will have such a performance. Those stupid cats will only run around.
    The fifth meaning: the stomach is hungry
    When the cat feels particularly hungry, he will also go to the master, gently bite the owner's fingers, if the cat feels hungry before biting his finger , Just prepare food for it quickly.
    The content of this article comes from: "Diagnosis and Prevention of Pests and Pests" of China Agricultural Publishing House

  2. There are many reasons for cats to bite. Generally, the three -month -old kitten attackers are mainly playing and learning some hunter skills. It is a kind of instinct for cats. It will be better in a while. If you grow up, you will still be a problem. Here are the behavior analysis of some cat attackers.
    The behavior analysis of cat attackers

    Cats are cats demon?
    This cats are a shrinking thing. Even if you have never seen it at close range, I think I should see it from some terrible movies. A bad temper opened its big mouth, revealing sharp teeth, his ears fell back, his eyes stared, and his pupils enlarged. Even roaring and boo are not very pleasant.
    The reason why the cats are different from the cats, learning and identifying warning signals may help you cope with the emergencies attacked by the cat.
    The warning signal
    Sometimes, their attacks seem to have no signs, but they usually have a lot of warning information before the attack. Knowing these signals and learning to know them can prevent some pain brought about by biting and capturing. The main performance of the body information of some cats (or potential attacks) is as follows:
    · Open your eyes.
    · Pupil enlargement (if you feel threatened) or the pupil is extremely reduced (when the cat tries to fight back).
    · Ear flat.
    · Tail pen is straight or whipped, and the tail hair is upright.
    · from the uneasy meow to roar or bold.
    · Her hissing sound, sometimes even spitting.
    Protterists classify cats' attacks on people according to the cause of attacks. This allows us to have a deeper understanding of the potential causes of cats, so that it is more likely to find a good solution. Below is the five attacks showed by cats.
    · Fear induced attacks
    When cats are afraid, their "counterattack or escape" reaction mechanism is activated. Most cats tend to escape from danger (real and imaginative), but if they are forced into the dead ends or have nowhere to escape for other reasons, they will choose to attack. In the case of no way to escape, even shy or timid cats choose to attack.
    but sometimes the reason is not obvious. The timid cat may be afraid of all kinds of threats it imagined, such as sudden sound or exercise. In addition, your cat may have experienced something before, causing it to hurt, making it particularly afraid of something or phenomenon that we don't pay special attention to. In addition, the attack caused by fear is also the natural response of cats to punishment, especially the body's punishment. Cats will not get anything from any punishment and condemnation means for dogs and children. They will not correct their mistakes, and they will only be more afraid of you and more violent.
    · Passing attack
    No matter what the initial motivation is, if the cat cannot resist the sources of attacks by revenge, they will pass this emotion to the nearest people or other animals (house dogs, other cats, etc. ) On your body. Your cat may be sitting in front of the window. Suddenly, it found a dog, raccoon or another cat. The cat began to perform excitedly, but because it was restricted in the room, it could not make any of the danger that perceived the danger. Significant response. At this moment, when the cat concentrates its energy to the outside, you happen to pass through and caress its head. You can't blame the cat suddenly you or attack you. All the long -lasting attacks are released on the attack that you think there is no reason.
    · Pain leads to attack
    For humans, this may be the easiest type of attack. The poor kitten is immersed in pain, so it is natural, it will feel irritable and try to attack everyone around them. Everyone may feel the same. When the kitten is suffering from the more painful procedures of the veterinarian, this is sometimes expressed. After all, it does not understand that it is good for it, but instinctively protecting itself to self -defense. Sometimes it is very difficult to find out the pain that causes the pain of cat attacks. When you hold your cat or help them dress up, you may accidentally hurt them. Cat's skin is very sensitive, and when we may not realize, it has caused them pain.
    · Attack caused by caressing
    This attacks are the most familiar situation of cat owners. Your cat is lying beside you peacefully, praying for your caress, and you start to stroke it gently. At the beginning, the cat made a satisfactory grunt, but in just a few minutes, the grunt began to stop slowly, and its tail began to twitch. Suddenly, your cat turned around and grabbed your arm. A tooth print and claw print. This is a very common behavior mode of a cat, but it is difficult to explain why some cats are more sensitive than others to caress about caress. Anyway, it looks like some cats threatened for too long caressing and became excessive. But how long for each cat is too long and there is no precise explanation. If you often live with such sensitive cats, you will soon know the exact length of this time.
    · Disease -induced attacks
    Cats to become aggressive may also originate from medical problems. Cat's meningoma (lumps on the whole brain film), cerebral thrombosis syndrome (blood vessels in the brain shrink, hinder blood supply), rabies and bow -shaped body disease may be associated with aggressive behavior. Therefore, for the sudden and increasing increase of any violence for no reason, you should first consult the veterinarian whether it is a medical reasons. You know your cat best, so you should pay attention to any changes in its behavior and use it as part of the law of cats and health valuations. Among these diseases, rabies are the most dangerous, because this disease is dangerous in transmission and is usually fatal. If you suspect that cats have a tendency to violence (whether cats are yours or others) may be related to rabies, you must immediately contact your doctor or veterinarian.
    Note: Maybe many cat owners are not subject to these reasons, but when they are playing. When they bite you, they sometimes mean that they are pleased you, as if they are bite in love when mating or playing with each other. It feels the same, which is different from the real attack. This phenomenon will be discussed in other articles.
    S time when your cat uses its claws and teeth, how do you do when you attack you? Desperate resistance to try to break free, that will only make you really caught or bite. On the contrary, if you keep calm, and have not moved, you don't try to pry the cat's mouth away, nor do you hit it and yell at it. (Don't make a loud noise!) Instead, use your other hand to touch the front end of the paw gently and softly, and then the tip of its claws, until it releases, the whole process speaks softly, treats it calmly, treats calmly it. Then he didn't rush to quickly pull back his hands up and left it, but continued to caress it, just leaving your hand away from its teeth and claws. Let the cat sit down in place, and be careful when it calms. Then after your cat calms down, you can leave it safely.
    Bast castration of your cat
    If offensive cats are a sound male cat, you should castrate it as soon as possible. Although the non -castrated male cats are usually targeted at other cats because of the territory, this attack will often pass on to attack people. In addition, sterilization helps solve the problem of the male cat's departure from home, wandering out, and injury in fighting, and can also control the increasingly severe cat mouth swelling problem.
    This pressure
    This pressure may be the fundamental cause of many behavioral problems including attacking the owner. When a cat is in a tension, almost any type of attack may become worse. The pressure is derived from the changes in the environment where the cat is located. The cat feels uneasy about these changes and becomes nervous, and the response of each cat is different.
    Stricily punish cats because of cats' attacks!
    Punning cats may add pressure to it, making the cat more aggressive.
    Is ask experts
    Cat's attack behavior is sometimes very serious. If you feel that things become unprepared, please contact the veterinarian immediately, and please help you consult a cat behavior expert.
    Menic treatment
    The experts from veterinary or animal behavior may suggest that you use drug therapy to deal with a cat that attack, especially when these attack problems are not caused by disease. This is a countermeasure that animal behavior experts usually take.

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  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cats to express their dissatisfaction or disgusting emotions by biting people. This is a relatively common reason. Cats are very relatives, but sometimes they have a very cold and cold attitude towards people. Play together. When it is not emotional or does not want to take care of you, if the cat is forcibly let the cat play with themselves, the cats will be unhappy. At first, the cat will use a roar or backward way to express their dissatisfaction. If this time The shoveling officer did not understand or understand. The meaning of the cat said that it is still my own, and the cat will launch an attack on the people who anger it. Or the shoveling officer forcibly touched the more sensitive parts of the cat, such as tails, belly, etc. When the cat was very upset, it also actively attacked humans.nAsk my cat was born of my friend's cat, but it always bits peoplenI often be bitten by itnThe answer may be that you have a long time to get along for a long time. You can play togethernI have been together for three months togethernNo matter what, it bites, and it is not sticky, not letting people hugnAnswer this may be a cat's character, right?nYou can play with him properly, better to himnAsk to play with it, it bites people, the kind of pain is very painfulnAnswer the cat thinks when playing with you, and when you bite you, you can hit him appropriatelynMore 8nBleak

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