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  1. Winning cat food is better.
    Muzai cat food is an old cat food with the title of "soft stool". It does not need to be sprayed with oil. Cat food is refreshing and crispy. It can effectively prevent cats from black chin and give cats a clean chin.
    The nutrients are conducive to the digestion of cats and are friendly to cats that are easy to soft. Wishing Tsai, this cat food is really a very good brand in mid -to -high -end cat food. And the price is very affordable, you can eat more than a month, suitable for shoveling officers who are not very high in budget.
    Cat food nutritional value
    Cat food economy is relatively nutritious and convenient. Which cat food is good, cat food can be roughly divided into three types: dryness, canned food, and semi -mature. Dry food is a comprehensive food that contains necessary nutrition.
    The taste is rich, and the cleaning protection of the teeth can also play a certain role. The price is divided into multiple types. The effect of natural food is relatively good and easy to save. Therefore, if possible, try to focus on this food. Before the cat's dry food, be sure to put clean drinking water; some people think that it is wrong for cats to drink water without drinking water.
    canned food made of high -grade raw materials such as shrimp and fish. There are many types, easy to choose, and delicious taste, so it is more popular than dried foods.
    Is canned foods can be used as a staple tank. Some cans such as most Japanese cans, which belong to the category of snack tanks. As a staple food, it may cause nutritional imbalance. It is best not to mix with dry food, damage to the teeth is large, and should be eaten separately. Canned food is convenient for long -term preservation, but it is easy to deteriorate after opening.
    Mid -cooked food is between food and canned food, suitable for old cats.
    Puels of good quality cats will be added with taurine. The cat's body cannot synthesize the amino acids of taurine, and can only be obtained by capturing mice. Most of the cats today are partner pets and do not have the conditions to capture mice. The lack of this amino acids that cats will affect the night vision ability, so it is necessary to use good quality cat food.

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