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  1. The Turkish Vatican cat (detail introduction)
    The cats have gradually begun to eat cat food at the end of the breast milk, but some cat parents are worried about the cat's nutrition and will feed the canned food. In fact, it is strict. Said that some high -quality cat food can provide cats' required nutritional energy, and there is no problem with canned canned foods. So how many months can kites eat cans? How many cans to eat at a time?
    The kittens just born must not eat canned cats. These kittens are breastfeeding to obtain nutrients needed for physical growth within 1-2 months after birth. In the process of breastfeeding until 1-2 months, you can slowly wean the cat. Of course, for a period of time after weaning, the cat cannot be given to the cat.
    In ages, it is best not to eat cans before the age of April. When a cat grows up slowly, you can try to give it canned food. Remember, at the beginning, you can add some cans to the cat's food food appropriately to let it slowly get familiar with the taste of the cans and accept it. When the cat grows up, you can add canned cats in the cat food it eats daily, and then eat it for the cat.
    In general, the cat is a high -energy and high -protein food. For pet cats, this is a big meal, so you should be cautious when eating canned food. Don't feed a lot of long -term. And try to avoid canned cats directly for kittens, because this is easy to cause the kittens to indigenize, which is not good for its growth.

  2. When kittens are generally a little larger, you can start eating cats. There are many types of canned cats. There are many types of canned cats. It is divided into canned food, canned snacks, canned cats, and canned kittens. Canned cats, so that the kitten is not effortless to chew, it is also beneficial to health. When choosing canned cats, pay attention to the reputation of the product; individuals prefer me Meow to think of this series of canned cats. It is convenient for parents to choose suitable for cats to feed

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