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  1. There is mucus on the cat's mouth. It may have taken medicine and a drug stimulus reaction. At this time, let the cat take a good rest for a while. The owner can also check whether there is redness, ulceration, and odor in the cat's mouth. When the cat has oral diseases such as ulcers, oralitis, gingivitis, mucus will be hung on the mouth.

    The cause of mucus on the mouth of the cat's mouth
    Is that the cat has taken medicine for a while, and may cause the mouth to flow mucus due to drug stimulation. At this time, pay attention to let the cats rest in a quiet and comfortable environment, do not stimulate it. After a period of rest, the cat will return to normal.

    The mucus on the cat's mouth may also be related to oral diseases such as ulcers, oralitis, gingivitis, etc. The owner can open the cat's mouth to check it. At the same time, I heard whether the cat's mouth was smelly. If there are all, it is recommended to take a cat for medical examination, and then treat it after diagnosis.

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