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  1. Cat deworming is mainly divided into internal and external deworming. Internal deworming is generally taken, and in vitro deworming, in vitro, in vitro drops. Let ’s share some precautions about cat deworming. The pet owner can look down.
    1. Checking the body before deworming
    The cat repelling insects can not be carried out anytime, anywhere. If a cat has physical discomfort, such as in the physiological period, pregnancy, or disease period, even after the new environment has just changed or vaccinated, it is not recommended to remove insects immediately to avoid aggravating physical discomfort.

    2. Choose the right deworming medicine
    A determination that the cat's body has no other discomfort, you can remove insects for cats. The owner is particularly important in the choice of deworming medicine. Choose Meow Wang Qingyong's hydrochloride deworming medicine.

    3, the adverse reactions of insect repellent
    It some cats have some adverse reactions after consumption, such as dilute and nausea, which are normal. Buried, you can prepare some meows for cats to help stabilize the intestines.

  2. How to drive a cat is a basic problem encountered by a novice of cats. After all, parasites and cats are not symbiotic. Once the parasites are infected, deworming and feeding are difficult, and some parasites can be spoiled together. Essence After watching a lot of cats to repel deworming, it is still foggy to see this article that turns into a simplified article to find the method of deworming suitable for their own cats.

    In step -by -step reading mode
    This The first step of cat deworming: It is the basic requirement to keep the home environment tidy.
    The cat itself is clean. How can the surrounding environment be dark and messy, not to mention that the dark and dark environment is the hotbed of the parasites.
    So the first step, cleaning and sunbathing, cats that cats like to stay is the focus of attention to cleaning. In addition to cleaning the sofa and corner, cats, cat climbing racks, cat sand pots, cat grip, cat bowls, etc. Cat supplies such as cats are disinfected regularly.

    Washing cat sand pots: shovel once every morning and evening, do not forget to clean the cat litter scattered around the ground on the ground; completely clean the cat litter pot per week, and pour the old time. The cat litter is replaced with a new cat litter.

    Washing the cat's nest: Go to the cat's hair first, use your hands; then the parasite, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out mites and even fleas and eggs, and then wash the cat's nest with white vinegar, put it in the sun Dry down.

    Maton how to remove insect deworming: Choose the proper insect repellent method and the correct insect repellent medicine.
    The effective method of insect repellent parasites is still insect -repellent. Divide and drops, drops, spray, tablets, and collar are divided into two methods. kind.
    In vitric parasitic insects are mostly used for external use, along the thread drops behind the cat's neck; the parasites in the body are mostly internal methods of tablets. difficult. However, the two can also be carried out at the same time, such as the drip of the same driver inside and outside the body of Bowen, which uses a transparent needle tube to launch the liquid, which is convenient, safe and simple. In addition to choosing the right form of insect repellent, you also need to choose a widely deworming range, high curative effect, and safe medicine. The frequency of use is generally followed by the description of insect repellent, which is generally once every month.

    At the same time, the use of insect repellent medicine for cats should also pay attention to the physical condition of special cats:
    Thematic cats with large cats, the amount of insect repellent required is naturally different. Therefore, when choosing insect repellent, the instructions of general insect repellent will be written to clear the weight and corresponding amount, which can estimate the amount of insect repellent at this time.

    . More than two months of stray cats
    The stray cats are inevitable because the living environment is more complicated. From the time to get home, you must do an internal deworming. During 24 hours, the cats are placed in a small space that is easy to clean in the bathroom, dripping deworming medicine, and dripping the deworming medicine again in two weeks.
    The cats at home should pay attention to isolation to prevent cross -infection, isolation for 2 weeks or more, and observe the amount of eating and drinking, whether the stool is formed, etc., wait for the stray cat to repeat it before meeting.
    The cat -free at home should also avoid people's pets and serious pollution in the family.

    pregnant cats
    D pregnancy cats are different from cats who have fat body, only the belly is bulging. At this time, cats are not recommended to use insect repellent After all, even if it can be used for pregnant cats, it is not necessary. At the same time, due to the compression of the uterus during pregnancy, the reduction of cat food is normal, so don't worry too much.

    mo cats less than two months
    The milk cats are relatively weak and the resistance is poor. The deworm should not be carried out prematurely. If the cat's mental state is not good, abnormal conditions such as drinking milk should be asked to heal first, and the doctor's suggestion should be asked.
    If the milk cat picked up outside, it is easy to have fleas, but you must first judge the age of the cat. If the parasitic is not very serious, it isolate to be isolated. After two months, use insect repellent, and the body must be inside and outside the body. If the parasites are serious, choose the urgent treatment for the deworming medicine suitable for small milk cats

  3. You can go to a regular pet hospital for deworming, or you can buy deworming medicine yourself. Generally, insect repellent is divided into two forms: external and internal drive. Generally, the two are carried out together. Fulan, great pet, etc. If a lot of bugs should follow the doctor's advice, the normal situation is to repel deworm once to two months.
    The method of judging whether cats should be deworming:
    In found insects:
    If see a parasitic on the cat, if you find flea, tapeworm or a parasitic in the stool of pets, also Ear mites also require in vitro deworming;
    Pets Symptoms:
    The typical manifestations of cats, such as itching on the body, bite fur with my mouth, black impurities between hair, and asshole on the ground, etc. Prompt that there may be parasites;
    Strophic changes:
    The cats have good appetite and good food quality, but they are always anemia, weight loss or weight loss;
    There is never insect repellent, or if the deworming time is too long, it is best to feed it after deworming.
    Cats, belonging to the family of cats, separated cats, wild cats, are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats that originated in ancient Egypt. Persian Cats of Persia have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs).
    The general cat: round head, short face, five fingers of the forelimb, four toes of the hind limbs, sharp and curved claws at the end of the toe, and the claws can tease and shrink. Nights.
    The hunting other animals in an ambush can climb the trees. There is a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat's toe, so as not to make a sound when walking, and it will not start running the mouse when hunting. When traveling, the paws are in a contraction state to prevent the claws from being blunt, and it will extend when the mouse catcher and rock climbing.

  4. First of all, why do you deworm?

    The deworming is one of the ways to ensure the health of cats. By doing a good job of deworming, it can prevent external factors (such as flea, tapeworms, chigger mites, creep mites, itching mites, lungs, lungs, lungs, lungs, lungs Tie, lice, lice, softness, etc.) The threat of cats' health. If a cat is infected with parasites, it will dissipate in the spirit, and may be accompanied by abnormal conditions such as vomiting and dilute. There are also some parasites not only affect cats, but also infectious diseases of human and animals. Therefore, for the harmonious life and health of everyone, please remove the cat regularly!

    2 ️ What are the common in vitro parasites?

    This mites, creep mites, itching mites, flea, hardness, lungs, lice, softness, etc.

    Cats, how many bugs are affected by the body, everyone knows that a female flea can spawn 25 eggs a day. It can spawn more than 2,000 in life. The flea eggs will fall in various corners of the home with the cat's movement, especially the sofa, the bedroom quilts are easy to hide or clean, and then develop into a young flea. The first time to go to the stray cat should be taken to the hospital or clinic for insect repellent and basic health examination. Not only for the health of cats, but also a way to ensure the harmony of human and cats

    3⃣️ The wrong concept of shoveling officer!

    Misunderstandings 1: My family is very clean, and the pet baths are very diligent. There will be no parasites.

    : When pets play in the grass or play with pets with parasites, infection through the body;

    Misunderstanding 2: My pets can not go out, there is no need to drive insect.

    : Parasitic eggs may be attached to the owner's shoes or clothing, and the pets and owners lick may swallow the parasitic egg when they contact; There is no parasite on the fur, so there is no need to repel deworming.

    Answer: Not all parasites can be seen by the naked eye, such as mites, about 0.5mm in length, or parasitic under pet skin;

    Misunderstandings 4: Pet external driver Do not need to be too frequent.

    : The efficacy time of pets in vitro deworming potion is relatively fixed. Regularly to pets for pets to be deworming in the body is one of the effective guarantees of pet health.

    Misunderstanding 5: Pets do in vitro after bathing.

    : The sebaceous gland or sebum gland or sebum of the body surface of the body after bathing is cleaned, which is not conducive to the absorption of the sebaceous glands and spread to the whole body. Therefore Essence

    4⃣️ How long should we drive the deworming?

    If fleas and ear itch mites, the growth cycle of the flea is 14 days, and itching mites are 16 days. Essence Personally, I think that cats who cannot be kept out of the house have almost few opportunities to go out. To a large extent, some sources of infection are eliminated, which can extend the insect repellent cycle.

    It summer is recommended to make a cat for outer drive 1-2 months!

    This is recommended to make a cat for 2-3 months!

    5⃣️ Cats can only be deworming after the age of the cat

    Generally speaking, the cat takes about 8 weeks. Direct deworming.

    If the cat is small, especially when the kitten born of the stray cat just encountered the want to adopt, but it is too small, and there are parasites on the body. What to do, it can be driven, but the product is different, please look down!

    5. What are the common in vitro deworming brands?

    Because it involves the health of cats, I will recommend some more well -known common brands. The most important is safe products. Pets love, i Walker!

    [Fulaien (Det)]

    The main product push products in major city hospitals, which are characterized by safety. For 10 consecutive years, the best in vitro deworming medicine.

    It is mainly used to treat and prevent fleas, lice, and tapeworms. Kill the flea within 24 hours. Kill tapeworm within 48 hours.

    The condition is that cats can use this product for 2 months. And a drop is used on a cat.

    The official publicity is used once a month. Personally recommend it every 1-3 months according to the environment.

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