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  1. If a cat does not eat or drink after changing a new living environment, it is generally because the timid cat has a stress reaction. After all, it has just changed a new environment. It will make cats scared, so the cat owner should take some measures for the cat in time, otherwise the cat will not have a small impact on the body.

    . Help cats familiar with the environment

    Since the problem of cats is not familiar with the environment, the cat owner can start from this aspect to help cats, such as such as Use some familiar daily necessities for cats. It can be a familiar taste such as cat nests, cat bowls, cat sand pots, etc., or some of the previous toys and other toys to help cats familiar with the environment, so that cats can rest assured that they can rest assured Boldly eating.

    . Diversity of daily diet

    In addition to helping cats familiar with the environment, you should also pay attention to the diet you prepare at this time. Only foods such as cat food and other foods can be added appropriately to add some cats that cats love to eat, such as boiled chicken breasts, beef, fish and other foods in canned food, and then pay attention to clean water for clean water for cats. Essence

    . Supplementing digestive enzymes for cats

    Perhaps the condition of the cat is because the body lacks some digestive enzymes. It looks like this situation not only affects the cat's body, but also affects the growth of cats in the future. Then the cat owner can properly think of ways to supplement the cat's digestive enzymes, such as feeding cats such as honey water, old yogurt and other foods, or prepare some meow elimination power to mix the cat into daily food and feed.

    Finally, for the condition of the cat, the cat owner needs to accompany and take care of it carefully. Usually accompany the cat to play. At this time In severe cases, you can take inspections in time.

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