5 thoughts on “The hybrid inheritance of British short and local cats”

  1. According to genetics, it should be half the characteristics of father and mother, but if the genes of a cat among the parents are invisible or explicit, it is difficult to say.
    The general probability of native cats will be greater, and the native cats are stronger. If you are lucky, you will have a folding ears.
    The cats you know have many different colors. But there are only two different pigment  melanin,
    and reddish brown red/yellow pigment. The male cat can only have a pigment  and the female cat can have two
      玳瑁 玳瑁 玳瑁 and turtle -colored Tortie. This is because the gene of pigment type is located on X-chromosome. This is the reason why
    . The male has only one X-chromosome and a Y-chromosomal pyrology therefore can only have a black pigment equal
    , or any of the genes of red/yellow pigment. On the other hand, females have two X-chromosomal
    The equivalent genes that can have black equal genes and red/yellow pigments at the same time. There is no equivalent gene to hide other equal
    , so the cat will have reddish-brown and black-tortoise shell color. Of course, female can have black
    equal genes on both X-chromosomes. She will be black. She can also have red -brown pigment genes at the same time on two chromosomes and she
    will be reddish brown.
    Name: XR = X-chromosomes with chromosomal melanin-oriented gene  reddish-brown pigment
    xb = x-chromosomal with melanin
    y = y-chromosome The gene of pigment
    is not the other: O = red  orange
    o = black
    Please keep in mind that the male must be inherited from his father y-chromosomal  Will come from his mother.
    The pigment of a male cat will come from his mother, and he will not inherit the pigment of his father. On the other hand, a female cat meeting
    . Get an X-chromosome from his father. So she inherited her father's pigment. At the same time, she also got a X-dye
    color. So she inherited the chromosomes of her father and mother. Please note that this is only the case of the genes on the X-chromosome
    . Therefore, the color of the cat has a red or black color. Others such as silver shadow, shades of shades/non -depthing rings
    patterns, dilution, etc. are not related to sexuality.

  2. How to say it is impossible to bring the mother blood at all, otherwise it is meaningless to breed purebred cats. It is said that there is no difference from the 3 -month Ying Short short. In fact, because the three -month -old -fashioned British shortness was not emitted during the pumping face, it was very thin until 6 months later. It will slowly have a short face of British short faces

    . Don't hold too much hope. After the face, the face will definitely not be able to send a purebred British short bone. Ordinary pastoral is larger but not as short as purebbing, but if it is a male cat, it usually makes a little cheeks (to avoid biting the carotid artery during mating)

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