2 thoughts on “Do you want to get goods in Jimo clothing market? Is there a recommended area?”

  1. 1. The first is the purchase of the clothing wholesale market. This is the most common purchase channel. Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the first -level market. This is the place with the most resources. Friends with conditions can go here to inspect. Hangzhou Four Seasons is a secondary market. The Hang School has its own characteristics. The classification is also fine. Haining Fur, Pufang knitted, Pinghu down jacket, Keqiao fabric market and so on. But many stalls are fried in Guangzhou. Experience must be sufficient. Some of the seven stalls in Shanghai do European goods are very fine, which has something to do with Shanghai's own industrial capacity. However, the trend of the wholesale price is too serious. If you are not a high -end, your profits may not be enough. As for the wholesale markets such as Chengdu and Zhengzhou, it is not a long -term place.
    2. Secondly, the manufacturer's purchase is a very competitive purchase channel. Factory purchase is also a common channel. When you go to the manufacturer to purchase, you can get a lower purchase price, but many foundries purchase the number and amount at one time, which will usually require higher and increase operating risks. Just like Lao Zheng’s clothing factory, if you do n’t take a few hundred pieces of the tail, Lao Zheng will not ignore you because of limited resources and foreign trade. Zhengchang squatted in. (Of course, friends in the clothing circle community, you can get the amount casually)
    Inned the clothing physical store or have multiple shops you can consider, it is best to have friends or friends or It is directly related to the manufacturer, so there is no problem to purchase, and the risk can be reduced to the greatest extent.
    3. There is also a foreign trade product or OEM product. At present, many factorys or remaining products outside the foreign trade order or There will be some surplus products for some well -known brands of OEM production. The price is usually very low. This is a good purchase channel. However, such information is not everywhere, and there are very extensive connections.
    4. A little extended here. With the e -commerce and the opening of the clothing micro -business market, there are many companies that place orders for the factory to recruit their own agents to join the distribution. There are more and more individuals. Single, light luxury brand imitation orders, net red style imitation orders, and so on.
    5. Buying the inventory backlog or clearance processing products is also a very good purchase channel. Because it is eager to deal with it, the price of such products is usually extremely low. Eat the price, but transfer to online sales, use the advantages of online sales, and use the regional or space -time difference to obtain sufficient profits. Therefore, you must go to the market frequently and pay close attention to market changes.

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