5 thoughts on “Is it better to work in the clothing industry or better in Hangzhou or in Guangzhou”

  1. Of course, Guangzhou is more good. Generally, the wholesale goods wholesale goods in Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai are sold from Guangzhou. I used to sell clothes in Shenzhen. Others said that Hangzhou was good at Hangzhou to get goods. I took it from Guangzhou, and the price was still much lower. Those who had done clothing knew it. You still have to ask more about it. I also did it only for several years. At the beginning, no one gave pointers, otherwise I took less detours! 934788725 There is more time to communicate!

  2. If you want to do it alone, you must choose Hangzhou now that the logistics is so developed. The difference is not so exaggerated. It is mainly allowed to attract your goods.

  3. Harbin comes to Guangzhou to get the goods too far, and the backing fee is enough for you to bear it. Hangzhou and Guangzhou each have their own thousands of autumn. I have been there. Compared with Guangzhou's choices, there are more than four seasons.

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