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  1. The problem is very good. As an old entrepreneur, try to answer.

    What are the huge profits industries?

    , the hospital

    , the school

    , the gas station

    R n, bank

    , online game

    seven, lawyer

    eight, securities

    Real Estate

    ten, direct sales

    has many, left a lot of answers to the comment area for friends.

    The answer, thank you for reading!

    1. Tobacco

    The total tax and interest in China Tobacco 2018 was 1155.6 billion yuan, an increase of 3.69%year -on -year; the total national fiscal total was 10,000,000 yuan, an increase of 3.37%year -on -year; The 6 yuan of Chinese tobacco sells for 70 or 80 yuan. It is reported that the annual income of Chinese tobacco employees in third- and fourth -tier cities can reach 300,000 to 400,000.

    . Moutai wine

    has a few cents a pound of grain. Moutai wine is not made of gold. The total market value of Moutai is close to trillion, and how can no profitable market value be able to support such a high market value.

    3. Movement

    The movement in recent years, although the revenue revenue of the State Council has slowed down, but the financial report disclosed in 2017 shows that the revenue of 740.5 billion yuan is 740.5 billion yuan , Net profit was 114.3 billion yuan, earning 300 million yuan a day.

    4. The hospital

    The is difficult to see a doctor and expensive. When you go to the hospital to see a disease, it may be hundreds of thousands. Spending will make ordinary families lose their homes. The hospital is definitely the most profitable industry. As of now, no hospital has been listed, because the financial situation will be disclosed in the market. It is estimated that there will be no hospitals listed in the future.

    5. The financial industry

    . Let's take a look at the two largest financial industries in China. It is nearly three times that of GDP, and the total assets of the insurance industry in 2018 announced by the Insurance Regulatory Commission are 18 trillion.

    If conditions to work in these 5 industries, do you think there are other profiteering industries? Can be added in the comment area.

    The profits industry around me, I don't know much, but I can introduce to you a few.

    The friends around me are making a full color, downloading a software, and then betting to judge the score of the football team. It ’s just looking at his ability to judge. He has done this for a long time and is doing well, but if you do n’t recommend playing, because you need to pay for a long time, you have this judgment.

    women's cosmetics, you all have girlfriends. When they buy cosmetics, they buy tens of hundreds and hundreds of thousands. In fact, the cost of the goods is not high. Above, in fact, it is not so high that you can choose genuine wholesalers to purchase, sell cosmetics, and profits are considerable.

    women's bags, a woman always likes to buy bags. Although I can't install much, I like to buy a variety of bags. For desire, a bag is as small as tens of yuan, as large as tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands. Do you usually come into contact with dozens of hundreds of bar costs? As soon as I searched Alibaba, I knew that the profit space was large.

    The child's toy, I also sold toys before, cost seven or eight dollars, sell dozens of dollars, toys with fire, especially best -selling.

    This summary of women and children's money is easy to make.

    In observe what huge profits around you, in addition to appearance, you also need to speak, and to determine which industries with high profit levels are determined by data, and it is relatively stable.

    In observation of the profitability of the 66 industries that are more common around you, you may wish to judge through more years of data and indicators.

    First of all, the ROE level of the industry in the past five years has exceeded the level of ROE, which indicates that the development of the industry is booming and has growth potential. Secondly The ups and downs of ups and downs indicate that the development of the industry is continuous and stable.

    This on the basis of meeting these two conditions. You can see that these industries have included the field of vision, including the air -conditioning industry, the Chinese and Western medicine industry, the animal health industry, the low -pressure equipment, the glass fiber industry, and passive Components, artificial attractions, power grid automation, coating paint ink manufacturing, separate devices and other industries. rnrn如果不考虑稳定性,而单纯指目前阶段存在较高利润的行业,则排名前列主要有日用化学产品、焦炭加工、钢铁、氮肥、空调、非金属新材料、 Chlorine, pesticides, papermaking, glass fiber and other industries.

    If there is a method in this world that allows you to make money quickly, it must be a business.

    If more ways to make money faster than doing business, it must be this article you read.

    In the first talk about the common scenes in daily life:

    In you are going to go to the cinema to watch the newly released movie, just want to buy a ticket in a self -service ticket machine, and suddenly run here A person tells you: "I only need 50 % off the movie tickets here. I can buy it 50 % off what kind of movies do you want to watch." What will you choose at this time?

    Is see this, you probably understand what this article is going to say.

    The environment in which we are located, because wise humans are moving, so there is a transaction and a business environment.

    This group of people is "ox". They are arbitrage in the business world and hackers in the business world.

    In fact, oxen is a business phenomenon that cannot be ignored. The reason why the ox is existed is because no matter how well each company is designed, there are always rules that arbitrage can capture.

    The story below, you should be no stranger at all:

    The excellent businessman Jack wants to find an object for his son, and his son starts to reluctant. Jack told him that he was looking for a daughter of Bill Gates, and his son immediately agreed. So Jack ran to tell his daughter to introduce a good husband, and he was the vice president of the World Bank.

    Per Gates opened it at ease, Jack ran to the president of the World Bank to tell them a bank to recommend an excellent vice president. At first, the vice president said that there was no lack of vice president. When Jack told him that he was the son -in -law of Bill Gates, the president of the World Bank agreed happily.

    . Jack's son married Bill Gates' daughter and became the vice president of the World Bank.

    . Although this is an inspirational story, it perfectly explains how the eclipse uses the rules and vulnerability to seek huge profits.

    said so much. How does the hackers in these business world be arbitrage in reality?

    If you still think that hackers are simply selling goods, it means that you have not understood the logic behind their business (only you can understand how to make money).

    The years ago, Hung? In order to cultivate consumers' habit of ordering takeaway on the platform, and at the same time, more merchants have settled in, and they have adopted the "high subsidy" marketing strategy: each stroke Order merchants will receive subsidies given by the platform, and consumers will also have high subsidies.

    In such a market environment, a number of hackers in the commercial world appeared. They communicated with the merchant in advance, and then placed an order with a special virtual address. After receiving the order, the merchant thought that the order was silent and confirmed the distribution in the background to make a lot of subsidies for the platform.

    Later, because the platform canceled the subsidy, the cost of the ox operating was too high, and the market storm gradually disappeared. When Didi taxi began to be promoted that year, a subsidy was also adopted, and many Didi drivers also achieved a lot of arbitrage.

    Mioshang case: How to arbitrage through merchants?

    Is at the beginning of WeChat, WeChat's tertiary distribution was very hot. For example, some people buy two products with two WeChat signals, make their own first -level, and then use the first level to develop offline (for example, 15%of the first -level online rebates, 10%of the second -level online rebates, third -level levels, and levels III. The offline rebate is 5%). As a result, this person develops a profit of 25%when developing a offline, and develops a second -level offline to profit by 15%.

    The profit is much higher than the normal micro -business sales model. It only needs to develop three people to earn the money of the product. This not only likes the merchants, but also the micro -business is profitable. The real win -win business.

    Similar examples are common. For example, some people have a large credit card. He uses credit card money to lend to others and collects high interest to achieve arbitrage. It is worthwhile.

    . For example, in some places, the real estate purchase restriction policy has been implemented. Many couples divorce to buy a house, and then choose to remarry.

    Although the cow economy is very profitable, please do not illegally law.

    If you want to make money, you can think from the following two points:

    1. What arbitrage opportunities are there in your industry?

    I assume that you are a program ape, developed a set of telephone foreign exchange trading systems, telephone inquiry, telephone transaction. At this time, the arbitrage came to call and chose to buy after asking the price, but he would not enter the password first. Instead, he continued to re -inquire with another phone. After he found that the price increased, he immediately lock it with the first step phone. Order the price, turn it around after getting the difference, and to achieve arbitrage.

    If you are a salesperson, how can you achieve arbitrage?

    2, as long as there is arbitrage, there will be two markets.

    In these two markets, the price of commodity transactions is different, and you can buy back goods from a low price market, and then sell at high prices to achieve the purpose of arbitrage. But to ensure that the products in the two markets are easy to trade, otherwise they will lose money if they cannot sell.

    Seeing this, you may think that the ox's do is too much, it is too angry, and feel that he has disturbed the normal business order.

    , however, not.

    It because of the economic perspective: If a product is lower than the market price, there will be a situation to restore its original market value. This power is the ox.

    For example, a ticket is difficult to find during the Spring Festival, and because the fare is far lower than the market price, the value of the ox to restore the ticket should be restored.

    The gentleman's love for wealth. Let ’s share a few small Tips:

    . In the business world, the more asymmetric information in the industry, the arbitrage space will often be The larger.

    2. It is not illegal and illegal, and the loopholes of policies are called arbitrage, otherwise it is illegal income.

    3. The ox is not a simple selling difference. Their business knowledge is the most important survival skills.

    4. Financial arbitrage, because the transaction efficiency of real objects will be improved, so the highest and clever arbitrage is concentrated in the financial industry.

    5. The arbitrage of the subsidy of the ordering subsidy belongs to the red line, and the proud arbitrage person never steps on the red line.

    . In the end, this article is more important to teach you how to be "Mr. Huang", but to let everyone understand arbitrage economics and awe of the business world.

    Is when you encounter the corresponding situation, you can know the business logic behind it, so as to cultivate your keen business vision, so that in the wave of waves of business, you will Shoot on the beach.

    The profit industry that is easy to be ignored:

    . The beauty industry

    is a cosmetic institution with dozens of yuan, and it is not a way to sell products and care to customers hundreds of thousands!

    . The glasses industry

    The manufacturing cost of the eye frame is only a few yuan, the cost of more than ten yuan, it is very common to sell it to hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands, the profits of the lens are also quite high! Now people stare at the mobile phone all day long, staring at the computer, myopia, old flowers when they are young, and the market demand is large!

    . The live broadcast industry

    This industry is simply a daily gold! Not long ago, it was revealed that major anchors were scary every hour to six digits to six digits per hour!

    . The jewelry industry

    three or five hundred jade wares sell for three or five thousand, all of which are friends! There are many types, what levels, colors, craftsmanship, etc. are dazzling, and the price is extremely opaque!

    . The collection industry

    The people who do not know how to be pitted by the old hand, hundreds of dollars sell you hundreds of thousands and millions, and call you around in minutes! Some veterans toss the antiques. At first, hundreds of thousands of objects were fried to millions of millions, so you convinced it!

    . The funeral industry

    The graveyard tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands are worried!

    What huge industries around us? If about 30%of the gross profit does not plummet, then the gross profit should be a huge profiteering for half or doubled. In fact, which industry is not profitable now? However, if you don't think about it, you really listen to you, and you will realize it. It turns out that their huge profits also have a certain reason:

    Tee industry 1: Buy vegetables and fruits. The owner of a vegetable stall told me that the vegetables they had approved in the field were only a few cents, but it would take two or three yuan to buy it for residents. Such an industry must have a huge profits! And the money has been made for the intermediate link, and the real farmers have not made much money. However, there are also hard work to buy vegetables. The booth fee is thousands of dollars, even more than 10,000 yuan, the transportation loss is very large, the gross profit is thick, and the net profit is not as high as expected.

    The profit industry 2: Glasses shop, wholesale into a pair of glasses is tens of yuan, and it takes hundreds or even thousands of customers to buy it for customers. Therefore, you usually see that there are not many guests in the glasses shop, but they have always existed. This is the reason. In addition, although the glasses shop is hugely profitable, the rent is paid, the employee's salary is paid, the taxes and fees will be re -expended, and the remaining net net net is net. The profit is not much.

    The profit industry 3: Breakfast industry, now I go to breakfast, two big cakes, a bowl of soy milk, and one fritter, it costs more than ten yuan. How much do you say about these things? However, the boss's boss said well, the labor cost is high, the health standards have improved, the raw materials have increased, the rent is constantly rising, can it be not expensive to eat breakfast?

    The profit industry 4: Medicine and insured industry, this is an absolutely profitable industry. In the case of Chenghui Renbao, a pill is a few cents for a pill and bought it for a few dollars for the people. But these two industries are also distressed! The money made every year is spent on advertising marketing. If there is no advertising marketing expenses, who knows that I have a brand? The most money in the health care products industry is the brain platinum, and the effect is basically not effective, but it is broadcast on TV golden hours every day. How much does this cost?

    I I just told the brick and talked about the profits of several industries. In fact, these industries look at the profit industry alone, but it is often not too high to look at net profit again. This is mainly factors such as rent, advertising, wage costs, and improvement of industry health standards. People have long been helpless to accept the profits of these industries. What are the ways?

    Segasium sells 14 outside and costs 4 yuan by yourself. Foods are actually gross profit, mainly to win with a volume. If you open a sushi restaurant, how can you make money? Store rent, water and electricity coal, time cost, these costs must be counted in the price of sushi. These costs are tens of thousands of speaking. In this way, the food industry is not huge at all, and things are not sold at a loss at all. They are often available.

    This. Let's talk about what are the real profitable industries around us (there are no rankings below)

    The first thing that must be mentioned is the glasses, because I have glasses, Now with a pair of glasses in the glasses shop, the frame is 300 , the lens will only be more expensive than the mirror frame. Many people say that the glasses frame is called buying it. It's 50 to the top, plus the lens, this is absolutely huge.

    The second one to mention cosmetics. Girls buy cosmetics a few thousand and thousands of cosmetics. The costs of hundreds of cosmetics are dozens of dollars. Water's retail price in China is 560 yuan, and its manufacturing cost is only RMB 6.5. Surprising? Even if the R

  2. No one talks about the cigarette hotel
    . I have been drinking for more than 20 years. I spend no less than 50,000 money every year. I usually like to drink Fenjiu. Wine, for example, how much these models of
    did the supermarket owner earn me, everyone calculates

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