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  1. Cosmetics are the favorite of modern ladies, and each girl has its own cosmetics. The following is an introduction to the cosmetics company, welcome to see.
    The introduction of cosmetics companies 1
    Guangzhou Yuemushu Cosmetics Company is a diversified beauty scientific research innovation company integrating product research and development, production and online sales. It is the emerging power of the Chinese cosmetics industry with unique style and extraordinary potential. Yuemu Cosmetics Company adheres to the corporate purpose of "quality first, service first, team first", adheres to the brand concept of "natural, luxurious, and innocent", with the company's spirit of "courage to explore and dare to fight" With consumers as the core, developing and selling and selling beauty and skin care products has a great reputation in the industry.
    The company product brand "Film Family 1908", focusing on "membrane products", and establishing the brand differentiation advantage. Its main products include boutique mask series, natural silk series, membrane square honey series, membrane eye care series, membrane square lip series, body membrane series, etc. It is one of the most competitive cosmetics brands on Taobao. The top five of Taobao cosmetics sales. The product packaging is exquisite, the quality is excellent, and the effect is outstanding. It deeply penetrates the favorite of consumers. Among them, exclusive products such as mung bean mud mask, cherry sleep mask, golden cinnamon honey petal eye mask, honey grapefruit honey juice are stars of online sales cosmetics.
    The cosmetic company introduction models 2
    It Guangzhou Jiefang cosmetics technology strength, advanced testing measures, continuously use cutting -edge scientific and technological achievements, developing and developing fashionable makeup products to provide consumers with perfect products and perfect products and perfect products and consumers High -quality service.
    2008 Jiefang Company has a huge sum of money to build a modern and high -tech Jiefang Industrial City in Guangzhou, China, with low -temperature and sterile closed -type factories and multiple international first -class cosmetics production lines. Schools and experts have jointly established a professional R

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