5 thoughts on “I want to find someone to embroidered cross -stitching”

  1. I just learned to embroider. Essence Essence I really want to pick up, but the problem is that you dare not embroider this new hand. You can find this type of group. Some people may be willing to pick it up, but there will be many questions about looking for people on the Internet. It will be cheated, because you send the embroidery cloth to others, you are also worried that others will not give you the embroidery cloth and embroidered you or embroidered you. There will be a lot of problems involved. It is recommended that you find acquaintances or embroidery by yourself, or to find the cross -stitch shop to let them embroidered, because this two -way discussion will be relatively better.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to your local cross stitch shop (preferably brand store, good lines are good, not tired of embroidery), just explain to the owner. Generally, people will find people to embroidered when they are sampled, but the owner needs to see it to see Your handicraft, including embroidery and unrest, fast and fast, because the embroidery generally needs to be delivered in the short term. Then you can embroider the deposit, and finally check the finished product.nFirst of all, we found 58 city on the mobile phone and entered the main interface. After entering 2/5, we found the search box menu, click and enter. After entering 3/5, we entered the cross stitch show in the search box, and then click on search.nAfter searching, we can see the searched Daixiu manufacturer. Click to enter 5/5, so that you can contact the manufacturer to make a show.n1 morenBleak

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