1 thought on “How to build a WeChat group to build WeChat group methods”

  1. 1. Open WeChat on the phone desktop; on WeChat homepage, click the " " symbol in the upper right corner.

    2. At this time, we can see the menu list options appear in the upper right corner of the page.

    3. In the menu bar that appears, we can choose "Topping Group Chat".

    . If the group members who want to add are one, we can choose "face -to -face to build a group". This is more convenient and fast to build a WeChat group. Have to wait for the other party's consent. At this point, we click "Face to build a group".

    5. At this time, there will be a prompt of face -to -face building: enter the same four numbers as friends around you, and enter the same group chat. At this time, we have to tell all the four numbers of members who want to join the group chat, so that they can enter these four numbers to join the group chat. The WeChat group has been established here.

    6. At this time, set up WeChat group chat names and related settings, click the image icon of the two heads in the upper right corner, and then operate in the prompts in the page where the appear.

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