I am now in high school, I want to learn clothing design, and now I am going to school in Harbin

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  1. The best domestic clothing universities in China are recognized as North clothes, Donghua, and Russian students who can apply for exams. It is best to learn English.

    But I think you can take this road, which is more realistic. Consider yourself.

    The art design in the School of Clothing Design, but that is painting, and the clothing in life is dynamic three-dimensional -----
    painting is just a expression in design, vision, vision, vision Harmony, judgment, personality, these congenital things are far more important than the acquired learning. This is the case in any industry. You can learn the day after tomorrow. Reading this major -----------
    , and it is certain to say.你自学好过到学校去学-------------------rn服装设计师首先是要会做衣服而不是什么美术-------
    usually cultivated your own appreciation. Design is vision, choice, valuable choice-
    It you can read your science and technology lesson. Think of it so)
    , don't waste your science and engineering majors ----------------

    This in China does not have a real design. There are only a few. Don't expect to be designed to be designed. Clothing is not a person's job, but the result of group labor. Please believe that a person who is too selfish and uncomfortable can not be designed.
    First of all clothing The design is not a picture of drawing. At least you have to understand the version, the craftsmanship, and the clothes. (Don't tell me that many people do not understand these also do the design, it is too insulting all the designers) from a clothing) From a clothing) Xiaobai has a long way to reach a designer, and it takes many years to work hard. From a clothing assistant to independent design, it takes at least 2-3 years. Neither understands the craftsmanship nor creativity, where the albums in Europe and the United States are copied casually. This kind of designer has no future.
    It, it is important to do clothing English. It can be mixed with a better company in English. Foreign trade companies are much better than domestic -selling companies. They also standardize.
    clothing is a labor -intensive industry. The factory is generally remote and the conditions are difficult. Foreign capital. The company must be fluent in spoken, can write, and understand the order.
    , the computer design also needs OK, Photoshop, CorelDraw. Painter, waiting for painting software to be skilled. Costume design is a difficult and very professional work. It's not as glorious as ordinary people think, just like exposing their faces after the catwalk show ..
    sincerely tell you that the design is not inspired by inspiration. It is not to say that you must learn painting first, you can learn clothing while learning painting. After all, you are not to be a painter. At least you need to know the feeling and style of color, three -dimensional composition, plane composition. What?

    Address design is actually divided into three parts: Market ----------------- is the one that is sensitive to fashion. Now a large number of companies use buyers People are the best for fashion girls. They are both consumers and consumers ------------
    production: Actually, the craftsmanship of clothing -------- three-dimensional tailor paper-cut samples Playing a version or something, this is the essence of the design,
    The style you want to copy, how to change the style of others,
    Actually many people think that the design determines everything, haha, in fact, many many The design is just a decoration, there is no design It is not like a company -------
    If design the above two is very proficient, that is, the design, if not, just draw some styles on the computer, (not copying is impossible --- -Is only God is the real original! Those who say that Chuangxuan must be the fresh graduates -----)

    . As for the master's business, it is because of the business needs of Western society.
    Because of the different society, you cannot be seen by others because of your own excellent quality. Chinese people like to despise (because of poverty) prefer to step on others (preferably nobles-fake nobles) to show off Use others to lift yourself, although I am also stepped on ---------
    This is the legendary Marsas effect ------------------------------------------------------------------ -Fenate because of too much population ------------------------------ but
    , but if you master his destiny, he will immediately obey you without principles and be full of slaves ------ China People do not need to save.
    If you really like clothing (this industry is very fierce !!!), you can go to some training courses, much better than the Academy of Fine Arts ----------------------------------------------- ------ The costumes of Guangzhou and Shanghai are the best in China! Intersection Intersection

  2. Senior high school to go to Shanghai for training is because the costume design of Donghua University has an art plus test. Only when the art additional scores and college entrance examination scores are always together, they will enter. Because the additional test is independently held at Donghua University, you can choose to go or not to train in high school. Of course, it is good to go. Painting is definitely required, and it is a good foundation. I don't know if you can catch up from the first year of high school. I don't know what Russian students are English. It seems that there is no rule in the enrollment that must be an English candidate. If you are too late to paint, I suggest you choose the direction of marketing (clothing), because it seems that nowadays, clothing design and engineering also need art to test art, and only recruit science students. Of course, the best domestic clothing universities are Beijing Institute of clothing, Donghua University, Bada Academy, Wuhan Textile University, and so on.

  3. As a international city with huge clothing throughput, Hong Kong must attach great importance to the development of this industry. The related majors of Hong Kong Polytechnic University are quite good!

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