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  1. 1. Personal Bao
    The customer source collection platform that integrates customer resources that integrates all walks of life in all parts of the country. Software is easy to use and simple operation. Just choose the city you want to develop and enter the industry keywords you want to search, you can accurately match the company name, contact phone number and address.
    It software also has functions such as adding address book, synchronous matching WeChat friends, one -click dial calls, automatic generating electronic tables, and marketing SMS groups. Many work links have been saved for the sales of enterprises, saving work hours, and greatly improving work efficiency. It is an app used in the collection of apps.
    2, Super Jacking
    Super Jacking APP is an efficient intelligent marketing system software with a large number of customer resources. Users can search for precise customer resources they want one click, and the data is updated in real time every day to meet the collection needs of various industries. In addition, Super Cascurring also includes: map Tuke, classified Tuke, soft text promotion, visitor radar, market micro -shop, supply and demand release, SMS assistant, promotion ambassador, daily poster, short video, live broadcast and other functions, which can meet different industries Customer needs.
    3, the source of the palm
    The customer source APP in the palm is a rich industry business data that can help users accurately marketing and promotion, powerful customer source information acquisition and management assistant software. It is simple and convenient to use. You can search and collect offline boss contact information of various industries on the market with one click.
    and you can add it to the mobile phone address book with one click, and it can automatically synchronize WeChat, Douyin and so on. It can also help realize one -click group messages, and directly skip the three major operators for network channel sending without being blocked.
    4, ZOHO CRM
    zoho CRM provides a potential customer function to find nearby, you can search for nearby customers from the CRM's mobile app, arrange meetings and exchanges, and achieve more transactions. Of course, these customer data is also a potential customer information collected from exhibitions, websites, advertisements, and other market activities in the early stage, and it is also for precision and efficiency.
    5. Traveling Tuke Tuke Cluster Platform
    Swalked Takajo clue platform. By sorting out the data of the entire network of corporate data and the construction of corporate knowledge maps, simply set some dimensions to accurately screen target companies, and includes enterprises, including enterprises Contact information, executive information, etc., can effectively help enterprises develop market accurately and efficiently. You can also upload the transaction customer information. The system models the system through customer portraits. Artificial intelligence recommends customers with high possibilities, eliminating a large number of customers' intention to screen time.

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