I have to take my sister to eat every weekend. I do n’t know what delicious shops in Nanchang.

3 thoughts on “I have to take my sister to eat every weekend. I do n’t know what delicious shops in Nanchang.”

  1. , Lehua Lejun Hotel, a chicken soup, a eight beard fish, Nanchang is the best;

    2, Liantang duck shop, and a taro tube bone, but you should pay attention to two, you should choose the street, you should choose the street Side.

    3, Anyi rice noodles;

    4, Nanchang County Watou Dog meat;

    5, Jinxian Army Mountain Lake crab, preferably to eat after National Day , Exit to Hong Kong, it is cheaper and affordable, and I think of drooling;

    6, Supu Road mirror gear: lobster, peeling fish, and small yellow croaker are now good times

    7,,,,,,, The weekly screws on Nanpu Road: screws and lobsters are delicious

    8, Amy Guo's side alley, Jinze Garden: snail, lobster, concubine out of bath (boiled frog), rice cake pork ribs r r r r r

    9, the front road: the rope gold tower soup shop

    10, Bayi Bridge, Xiaodong: duck, rice noodles, grapefruit skin
    11 A family of the Phoenix Fish Pavilion on the garden, the chili peppers inside are giant, giant! Boiled fish, burning soil chicken tastes very good!

    12, there is a lobster city on Erqi South Road, that lobster is okay!

    13, there is a Ruijin restaurant next to the Ganjiang Hotel, the beef soup is a bit delicious!

    14, there is a second room and one living room in the alley on the side of Da Wangzai, the roast duck inside, and the chicken feet
    Rope Golden Tower
    Old Five Decoction, Powder Noodle Golden Tower
    Golden Tower
    Yonghe soymilk soy milk, fritters and lids of rice like southern road n Chengdu big bowl noodles, lobster, fried meatballs on the side of the Pacific Ocean
    Golden chopsticks spicy fans
    Jialiang Noodle and Bibimbap Jiangxi Hotel

    Mirror braised egg pig feet, peeling fish Su Pukuki
    R nThe traditional snacks in Southeast Southeast
    This Rushi Restaurant snail lion, cornor, boiled fish Xianheng opposite
    Jinze garden snails, lobster, concubine out of bath (boiled frog), rice cake pork ribs ribs, pork ribs The alley on the side of Ami
    It small oriental ducks, rice noodles, grapefruit skin
    Old local snack bar, next to Xiejiacun's stroke shop, giant electric noodles, but there are more than 100 kinds of powder inside Noodle rice;
    Hongdu North Avenue, close to Lijiazhuang, the alley next to the tourist school, near the alley entrance, there is a small shop, a tea egg at the door, there is egg fried rice, which is very famous;
    The side of the Pacific Department Store;
    The old five crock shops under the Golden Tower, but many fake fifth old fifth, there is only one authentic in the alley, the alley is not described;
    gold Chopsticks lamb skewers;
    The bald guy barbecue restaurants on Fuzhou Road, barbecue and rice rice, and mung bean soup are great;
    Minde road has a two -bedroom and one living room, the name is unknown;
    The boiled boiled in the alley behind Wanshou Palace is extremely spicy and delicious, but many people, small places, often have no place to sit on;
    The Zhou family on the opposite side of Hongkelong, Xiangshan Road;
    Old Fatty Soup Bags, a alley opposite the telecommunications building;
    Nanjing duck blood fans behind the Pacific;
    No. 16 Jewelry Street, old left characteristic fried noodles, many people are small, it takes a long time, it needs to be very long time.
    Under the Bayi Bridge

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