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  1. The wood trading trade group, established in August 2008, was jointly sponsored by the personnel of Jingmen Wood Company, Hubei. The goal is to build a market -oriented platform. Through information exchanges, joint training, joint procurement, collective financing, and joint sale, we will promote the establishment of industry order and credibility, guide and standardize China's wood market. The wood trading trade group is the QQ group of the wood industry owned by Jingmen Wood Industry, Hubei, and the Weibo group trading organization. Industry circulation has now developed into China's largest industry civil trade. Whether all wood traders communicate with each other, with faith -oriented, they jointly promote the development of the wood industry. After more than three years of development, the wood trading trade has exceeded nearly 5,000 people, and the number of franchisees has increased at the rate of more than 50 people per day. Industry, some suppliers, and the underwriter industry have also joined the wood trading trade group. There are currently 28 provincial groups, municipal groups, and 28 municipal groups, as well as 10 sub -segments such as wooden doors and floor groups. In the process of development, the wooden trading trade group has formed a professional management team and a scientific management structure. The regular meeting was held to formulate group regulations that are conducive to the development of the industry. The wood trading trade group should provide you with a platform for free exchanges in China's largest wood industry in China. It is necessary to create a precedent for the portal of the portal to give back to the membership of the membership, and become a synonymous on the Chinese wood trading trade group with a healthy, efficient, cheap and integrity trading connotation. Essence The wood trading trade group should become a warm home for the wood industry personnel. In trade, everyone exchanges information, communicates with each other, and cultivates and maintains this rare home. We hope that if you have difficulties in the future There are joy and sharing in trade.
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