A USB charging hand - warming treasure evaluation

This hand warmer treasure is Xiaobian half a month ago on the Internet with more than 20 yuan to buy, has been used for several days, Xiaobian has been very familiar with its performance, now qualified to do an objective evaluation of it.

This hand warmer: Small and exquisite, simple and fashionable, easy to carry, oval shape, feel good, 110mm long, 55mm wide, 15mm thick, use the ordinary Android phone charger to charge, in addition to warm the hand heating function but also with a USB output, can be used as a charging bank, but Xiaobian mobile phone can not automatically identify charging, so can not directly charge the phone, But can provide DC5V, 1A power supply for other small electrical appliances. This hand warming treasure in the heating has high, medium and low 3 gears, the temperature measured by the most high-grade surface temperature can reach 27℃ or so, can be used for half an hour continuously, the lowest grade can be used for 1 hour, but the temperature is only about 10℃, but in the cold winter, the hand holding it will be much warmer.

The downside of the hand warmer is that it takes a long time to charge, taking up to three hours to fully charge. This hand warmer cannot be used while charging. The internal circuit protection will automatically remove the heating output function when charging. The electric hand warmer only needs to long press the white button switch in the heating. After 2 seconds, the red indicator light will be bright, that is, the high-grade heating will start. After about 10 seconds, the temperature will rise for 1 minute, and the temperature will be balanced. If you want to switch to the low level, just press the white button switch again. The red indicator will blink for two consecutive times. If you need to turn off the heating, long press the white button switch for two seconds. When the hand warmer is charging, the red indicator flashes, and when it is full, the indicator lights up. When the USB output, the blue indicator lights up.

The above evaluation is only for personal experience, friends think this hand warmer price ratio? Welcome to leave a message.

"This is a pad. This pad is hot. Plug it in, and the whole thing heats up inside. It warms up. We're talking about the offices, the students doing their homework, good. It won't be cold on the table."

In addition to the electric mat, Yuan also showed us a hand warmer with a charging function, a hot water bag with temperature control, and a small warming fan.

Like this heating cushion, it claims to be able to adjust the temperature at 3 and 6 levels. Large area heating can also be timed and automatically cut off, which is suitable for winter office use;

This foot warmer is designed to wrap the lower half of a person and heat them up, making it ideal for sitting. According to the publicity, it uses imported carbon fiber hair hot wire, which can heat up in 30 seconds, up to 70 degrees Celsius.

This is a heating desk mat product, claims 19 seconds fast heat, suitable for spread on the desk as a mouse pad to use;

At this time, the indoor temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius. We ask four young people to experience the first heating cushion product, whether it can make them feel warmer?

In the publicity it is like this, the whole face heating, back and cushion area two areas care, waist and back warm.

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