Community Guidelines for 'Smash or Pass' in NSFW AI Chat Forums


'Smash or Pass' is a popular game in many online communities, including NSFW AI chat forums. It involves participants expressing their hypothetical interest or disinterest in others, fictional characters, or public figures based on their appearance or other attributes. This game, while seemingly innocuous, can tread into sensitive territories, especially in NSFW forums. As such, specific community guidelines are essential to ensure respectful and safe participation.

Basic Principles

Respect and Consent

  • Every participant must respect others' boundaries and preferences.
  • Explicit consent is necessary for sharing personal images or content.
  • No pressure or coercion is allowed in any form.

Privacy and Anonymity

  • Protecting personal information is paramount.
  • Avoid sharing identifiable information without consent.
  • Anonymity is a right that all participants can exercise.

Content Guidelines


  • Content must align with the overall theme of the forum.
  • Explicit content should have clear warnings and age restrictions.
  • Avoid posting illegal or non-consensual material.

Sensitivity and Inclusivity

  • Be mindful of the diverse backgrounds of participants.
  • Avoid making derogatory or discriminatory remarks.
  • Promote a culture of inclusivity and tolerance.

Participation Etiquette

  • Engage in 'Smash or Pass' responsibly.
  • Refrain from spamming or flooding the chat with repetitive messages.
  • Constructive feedback and dialogue are encouraged, but avoid personal attacks.

Moderation and Enforcement

Moderation Roles

  • Moderators will actively monitor discussions to enforce guidelines.
  • They will address any reported or observed guideline violations.
  • Participants can approach moderators for any concerns or disputes.

Consequences of Violations

  • Violators may face temporary or permanent bans, depending on the severity.
  • Repeat offenders will be subjected to stricter penalties.
  • The forum reserves the right to modify consequences as per the situation.


In conclusion, while 'Smash or Pass' can be a fun and engaging activity, it requires a high level of responsibility and respect for fellow participants, especially in NSFW AI chat forums. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a safer, more enjoyable, and respectful environment for all members.

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