The first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud cinema movie "Hunting" is fixed. Who is the powerful actor lineup?

5 thoughts on “The first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud cinema movie "Hunting" is fixed. Who is the powerful actor lineup?”

  1. The first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud cinema movie "Hunting" is fixed, and the powerful actor lineup is very powerful!
    "Hunting" is directed by Guo Xiaofeng, starring Wang Qianyuan, starring Guo Xiaodong, Wang Xun, Xu Lingyue, and Ma Yijie. The film is adapted from the actual fraud case creation of a cross -border "piglet disk" cracked by the Sichuan Public Security Police. It tells the frequent occurrence of the fraud cases of "killing piglets". "The story of the original form is finally revealed.
    This starring is Wang Qianyuan. Wang Qianyuan (formerly known as Wang Jinpeng) was born in Panjin City, Liaoning Province. He grew up in Shenyang. He was born in Laixi City, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The role, no matter how small, can make people unforgettable, and some people even commented that he is an actor who "can grab the starring actors". His performance is really great, the actor, his acting career, his acting career It is also very long. It can be said that he has been engaged in performing arts throughout his life, looking forward to the performance of his new drama!
    Sub subsequent actor is Guo Xiaodong. He is also a powerful actor. His mainland film and television actor, vice chairman of the actor work committee of the Chinese Television Artists Association, graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2000; of. There are also actors such as Ni Dahong, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Zhaohui, Zhang Guangbei, and other actors. Such an actor lineup is really very powerful. I look forward to the sparks brought by their cooperation!
    The lineup of the movie "Hunting" is too strong! I look forward to living hard on the same stage on the same stage! The movie is fixed on June 3rd, anti -telecommunications fraud, everyone is responsible! You must bring your parents to see! It is expected that the Film Hunting Public Security Ministry of the Ministry of Fragments of the Film Hunting Public Security Ministry of the Ministry of Anti -Telecommunications Fraud Center, which has been led by Ni Dahong and Guo Xiaodong, has already locked a large multinational fraud group, and set up a special action group for the "hunting slaughter" for the group.

  2. Wang Qianyuan, Xu Lingyue, Ni Dahong, Guo Xiaodong, Wang Xun and other actors cooperated with each other, showing the process of fighting the police and scammers with superb acting skills to the audience.

  3. I have seen relevant posters, including Wang Qianyuan, Guo Xiaodong, Wang Xun, and Xiaotong. There are old drama bones and new generation actors, but their acting skills are worthy of recognition.

  4. Wang Qianyuan starred in, starring Guo Xiaodong, Wang Xun and other starring actors. Ni Dahong was invited to star. Guan Xiaotong was starring in the special actor.

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