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  1. SFR is a special function register of Special Function Register.
    English is a necessary language in many international organizations or conferences. One of the elections of the United Nations Secretary -General of the United Nations is to master English and French at the same time.
    Mested by the two major countries in English -Britain and the United States, they have become the world's big countries, and have great influence in the business and academic fields. English is used as a kind of foreign language or second language, and English is used as a foreign language as about 300 million to 500 million people. English is the most common language (94%) for foreign languages ​​in mainland Europe and Japan, followed by French and Spanish. In China and other countries, English is a compulsory foreign language course for schools.
    The use of English as the second language and as a foreign language, which shows that English is becoming increasingly regarded as a tool for international communication. A neutral information medium.
    Basic English is simplified English for international exchanges. It is usually used by some aircraft manufacturers and other international enterprises as a writing manual and communication. Some schools in the Far East taught it as a basic English.

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