1 thought on “How is Youku obtaining points?”

  1. Registration and login
    Registration: Complete basic registration, member 100
    fill in details, members 100
    Login: log in within 24 hours, members 1
    my prefabricated plate r r r r r r
    On online recording works: Publisher 50
    Puper uploading works: original publisher 50, reprinted publisher 20
    The original additional points
    Mou's work was deleted by the system administrator, and the original double points (-100, -40)
    The works were collected, the publisher of the work 5
    download works, download People-10
    published comments and messages, publishers 1
    comments and comments were deleted, published by -1
    participated in the score, the score person 1
    Subscriber 5
    Reply to the news in the site, reply person 2
    Is invite friends to register successfully, the inviter and invited and registered successful person 20
    R n
    The initiation of the platform, the sponsor 20
    Thenai to fight, the warrior 10
    exit the ring in the middle, quit the person -20
    to see
    Apply to create creation Look at it successfully, the applicant 2
    Published the main post, the poster 2
    Plash to publish the main post is added as the essence, and the posting person 5
    Published the main sticker quoting video, posting person 2
    Pown the main sticker to be deleted, post-person -6
    Published back posts, posting person 1 r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r n Posted a back-post reference video, posting person 2
    The post-post post is deleted, post-4
    each recommended video is a collection video, the recommender 2
    each recommended reference The video in the post is a hidden video, the recommender 2
    is recommended for the hidden video, the recommended person -2
    is enough for 500 to set the background map of the space
    How much upload is also related to the points, and will open more activities related to points in the future to allow users to participate in

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