2 thoughts on “What is the actual length and width of iPad 9.7 inches?”

  1. 19.7cm wide 14.8cm wide.
    IPAD is a tablet computer series released by Apple in 2010. It is positioned between Apple's smartphone iPhone and laptop products. There is only one button in the whole body, (4 virtual programs fixed column in the screen) and The iPhone layout is the same, providing functions such as browsing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, watching e -books, playing audio or video, and playing games. Designed by the British design director Jonathan Ive (some translated into a team led by Jonathan Avi), this smooth and ultra -thin product reflects If's respect for German genius designer Dieter Ram. Feelings.
    IPAD is called Tablet PC in Europe and the United States. With browsing webs, receiving emails, general video file playback, audio file playback, playing some basic multimedia functions. Due to the ARM architecture, it is not compatible with a program for ordinary PC desktop and laptop. You can use the iWORK kit provided by Apple to work for office. You can preview and edit Office and PDF files through the iOS third -party software.
    On March 21, 2017, Apple launched a new 9.7 -inch iPad with higher bright Retina display and strong performance. The starting price is RMB 2,688. In June 2017, the 9.7 -inch iPad Pro was permanently removed on Apple's official website. It disappeared and became out of print.

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