5 thoughts on “What are the reasons for the rise of the second stock market on June 1, 2020?”

  1. 1. A shares are in the stage of a bear to a bull, and even the first stage of the bull market, so you will find that the benefits will be magnified and the air will be reduced. Whenever it is in the haze of the bear market, benefits will definitely be reduced, and the empty air will be magnified.
    2. Many of the so -called concepts and hotspots have been deployed before the two sessions, but the signal released in the two sessions is a "stability". A good stimulus policy. So the concept of the two sessions did not arrive as appointments. After the two sessions, these tourists will inevitably increase the index to build momentum for the previous layout and even shipments.
    3. With the relaxation of the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, the company is generally resumed and re -production. It is the highest since February and returns to the expansion range. As the business operations gradually resume normal, the manufacturing production has risen for three consecutive months, and the production index recorded the highest since February 2011. Production recovery is significantly faster than demand, and it is dragged down by weak external needs. Although the new order index has risen slightly from last month, it is still in the contraction range.
    Although it is different from the official, Caixin PMI can better reflect the business status of SMEs. As the enterprise gradually resumes normal production, various economic indicators are gradually recovering. Essence
    Extension information:
    If the precautions in the bull market
    1, do not look at other coins rise, the coins you hold will not rise, you will be anxious, the capital manager is very smart, you will always fry to fry The value you hold, don't wait until the funds come, your currency is exchanged for other currencies.
    2. Singapore coins are currently popular, but the premise is valuable new coins recognized by most people, such as lightning, QSP, etc., which can be involved in which big return. Valuable new coins.
    3, try not to buy it and sell it. Because some coins may rise more than a wave of waves, maybe there will be several waves in the future, always holding, wait until the bull market is almost the same, and sell it again.

  2. The reason for the rise of the second stock market on June 1, 2020 is based on the market's expectations of Trump's due pressure on China's extreme stress in the previous week. Sexual rise.

  3. Last weekend, the release of documents on the implementation of equity incentives implemented by central enterprise holding enterprises stimulated some rising expectations;
    It may implement a single T 0 in terms of trading rules. The simple logic is to increase the market activity and increase the transaction frequency. Corresponding to the increase in handling fees and stamp tax income, good securities firms, large volume of securities firms, rising brokers, driving the index rising; at the end, due to technical index stimulation and emotional influence, the main funds increased the science and technology sector, driving the large market to continue to rise.

  4. Stocks may implement single T 0 transactions to increase market activity. At present, there is no announcement, and the specific details need to be waited.

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