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  1. KDA mining machine BM-K1, computing power 5.3T -5%, power consumption 800W -5%. You can dig more than 300 coins a day. High income, low power consumption, spot, can be cut force.

    basic knowledge preparation:

    asic ore machine and graphics card mining machine: Category of basic knowledge mining machines: ASIC mining machine/graphics card mining machine | mining r r

    What mines are summarized: one picture understands mainstream mining machines: ASIC mining machine, GPU mining machine, CDN mining machine and cloud mining machine comparison

    1, Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash BCH Miner (SHA256 algorithm)
    Although BCH is the most consistent currency of the BTC hard fork, the algorithm is consistent with the algorithm and BCT, which means that the SHA256 algorithm, S5, S7,,, S7,,, S7,,,,, S9, T9, T9 , and R4 series ant mining machines all support digging BCH. Other mining machines please consult a manufacturer. As long as you can dig a BTC or BCH mining machine, you can come to the ant mining pool mining

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