Excuse me, do the Panda commemorative coins issued by the People's Bank of China every year? Is there a collection value?

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  1. 1982 is the year of the release of Pandan coins of modern gold and silver commemorative coins. As soon as the issuance of the Panda series gold coins became a brand -name product in modern gold and silver coins in my country, which was well received by the people of the world. Its panda gold coin pattern is positive to use representative buildings-Beijing Temple of Prayer, and the back pattern on the back uses a variety of panda patterns. In 1982, Panda Panda Gold Coins were still in the trial casting in my country. Therefore, the panda -made gold coins in 1982 had no face value, only specifications, which was close to the Fergerin gold coin in South Africa. Its specifications are also only 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/10 ounce, etc. In 1982, the first issue of Panda Panda gold coins opened a new chapter in the release of Chinese general gold coins.
    , the background of the distribution
    With my country's modern gold and silver commemorative coins towards the world and towards an international market, it is known that in addition to ancient coins, modern circulation coins, and commemorative gold and silver coins, there is also a production The large amount of issuance and variety of specifications are also called investment currencies, and this currency is an important object of people's investment in value preservation. Due to the diverse currency and strong segmentation, investors can buy freely according to their financial resources, which is convenient and flexible. And the water rising of this general coin is also relatively fixed, and the sales are huge. However, before 1982, the production of this kind of general currency in my country was still blank. In order to meet the development needs of the international coin market, at the end of 1981, my country passed the inspection of the international coin market and the suggestions of coin experts. Since 1982, general gold coins have been issued, and their patterns have been used as the design foundation of Chinese national treasures-giant panda.
    . The distribution of the distribution
    Due to the success of the panda gold coin in 1982, the international coin market expands rapidly. In order to better occupy the international market, panda gold coins are truly a investment currency. Many foreign coins agents Commercial and distributed agencies recommend adding noodles on panda gold coins to make it more characteristic of national legal currency. After repeated research and drawing on international experience, the People's Bank of China decided to add the amount of RMB noodles on the panda gold coin since 1983. The 1 ounce of 100 yuan, 1/2 ounce of 50 yuan, 1/4 ounce 25 yuan, 1/10 The ode standard is 10 yuan, 1/20 ounces 5 yuan. Since 2001, the denomination on the panda gold coin is 500 yuan, 1/2 ounce 200 yuan, 1/4 ounce 100 yuan, 1/10 ounces of 50 yuan, 1/20 ounces 20 yuan, 20 yuan, and 20 yuan. To show that the national legal currency, the method of this labeling surface has continued to this day. But unlike foreign countries, the patterns of general gold coins issued by South Africa, Canada and other countries are unchanged, and the panda -made gold coins in my country have changed every year. Form; on the other hand, the artistic charm of panda gold coins is enhanced. At the same time, in 1983 Panda Gold and Silver Coin won both internationally. In 1985, in the "World Coin Grand Prix" jointly organized by the "World Coin News" magazine and Claus Publishing Company in the United States, they won the "Best Gold Coin" and "Best Silver Coin" award. The American "News Weekly" has praised the gold coin to its charming set of gold coins, and people have become its enthusiastic suitor.
    three, related honor
    1986 The Chinese Panda Panda -made gold coins have been repeatedly being awarded the Golden Cup Award of the "China Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award" in 1986. This is also the first time that my country's panda gold coins have won domestic awards, and it is also the second time in the history of panda issuance. In just four years, my country's panda gold and silver coins won the award twice, which not only shows that the panda gold and silver coins have collective value, but also fully reflect the rapid development of my country's coin technology. From 1979, China issued a modern commemorative gold coin in 1979. In just a few years in 1986, China has made China one of the world's important gold coins exporters, especially panda gold coins, famous overseas, from 1982 to 1986 The export of 3 ounces of 3 ounces, about 10 tons of gold, panda gold coins are welcomed and loved by the people of the world. During this period, coin vendors from various countries visited Beijing, hoping to agency and the sale of Chinese gold coins. The People's Bank of China seized a favorable opportunity and made major reforms on the system of gold coin management. In August 1987 The People's Bank of China has authorized to operate various metal commemorative coins, chapters and some gold and silver foreign sales; responsible for the design, production, wholesale, self -employment and agency of various commodities and technologies of gold and silver coins. The establishment of the China Gold Coin Corporation has greatly promoted the development of modern gold and silver coins in China, and has embarked on the road of standardization and science.
    . The commemorative event 1991 is the 10th anniversary of the issuance of Chinese panda gold coins (this is the annual number). As a representative brand -name product in my country, Panda Gold Coins have become the forefront of world -renowned general coins. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the issuance of Chinese Panda Gold Coins and to show the world's brand -name products and coin technologies to the world, the People's Bank of China decided to issue 5 kg Panda gold coins. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the traditional panda pattern, the pattern on the back of the currency also casts the different patterns of the panda coins issued every year over the past 10 years to the coins. It is warmly welcomed by the world. At the "Asian Currency Exhibition" in 2001, the 2001 version of the Chinese Panda made gold coins won the "Most Popular Coin" award. This is also the second time that Panda Gold Coin has won this honor in the world -renowned selection activities since its release in 1982. Fifth, after nearly 20 years of development, my country's panda gold coins have issued more than 20 projects and more than 100 varieties. They have released a total of 2.2 million panda coins, with an average annual sales of 120,000 ounces. Among them, in the 12 years of 1988 to 2000, internationally sold 1.06 million ounces, and domestic sales were 170,000 ounces. While rich varieties, its casting technology has also been greatly improved. At the same time Refined panda gold coins, 87 -year panda platinum coins, 90 -year panda dual metal coins, 5 kg of large panda gold coins in 1991, panda color silver coins in 1997, and so on. In order to further reflect the investment value of panda gold coins, facilitate the investment and monetization of collectors, and the opening of the gold market, at the 2001 Panda Gold Coin issuance news ventilation meeting, the relevant departments clearly proposed that the policy permits and approved by the Bank of China Bank Below, the sales department will be listed and sold on the panda gold coins to make it really a means of investment. Panda gold coins will also open a historic page from here.

  2. Panda currency investment preservation is the main value, supplemented by collection.
    The panda gold coin has been issued for 30 years since the issuance of the central bank in 1982. As the only domestic investment currency, Panda Coins have been sought after by investors.
    Panda gold and silver coins are the only investment gold and silver coins in my country, and they are also one of the five major investment coins in the world. It is a precious metal commemorative coin issuance project that has never been released in 1982.
    In major events, the central bank will also issue panda plus commemorative coins. Although the theme of Panda Coins is better than ordinary panda coins, and the circulation is relatively small, the premium will be higher. Investors should not be too blind, and should start at a reasonable price.
    The issue price of panda coins is generally about 5% compared with international gold and silver prices. The investment value of the market market is closely connected with the trend of international gold and silver, and investors operate very simple. As long as you have your own judgment on the price trend of international gold and silver. If the price of international gold and silver will rise in the future, you can buy it at a low level. If the price of gold and silver is expected to fall, you should wait and see temporarily, and do not intervene at high points. In addition, the value of panda currency in different years and different specifications is relatively large. Investors should pay attention to choice when purchasing.
    It according to reports, for Panda Coins, the official retailers of the official China Gold Coin Corporation have appeared in formal repurchase channels. If you want to monetize, you can choose to go to the chartered store and postal card market of China Gold Coin. Essence

  3. Quite quite, but now the purchase cost is also very high with the price of silver. This is the ordinary variety of precious metal coins issued by RMB China Bank every year. It will be issued every year. In recent years The appreciation space of the currency has also been further compressed, but from the perspective of long -term investment, it is still quite good.

  4. Yes, this is a certain advantage in terms of value preservation and value -added. , But to be honest, the current appreciation space for cat currency is relatively limited. It is recommended to refer to the price of the silver when buying, because the so -called commemorative significance of this thing is not high. Buy a whole set.

  5. Panda coins have little room for appreciation due to the large issuance volume. However, the price is low, the patterns issued each year are different, the collection gifts are good, and the small specifications of gold coins are very sought after.

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