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  1. Pressure and support are the two important technical indicators in the stock market. It can clearly help us in charge of the price trend of individual stocks and judge the signals of buying and selling, so as to guide our actual transactions. If there are still friends who do not know this useful technical indicator, it is recommended that you take a look at the content below. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . What is the pressure level and support level
    1, pressure level: Assuming that the stock price rises near a price, the stock stops rising, and even falls. Such a price that can prevent or temporarily stop the stock price is the pressure level.
    2, support level: If the stock price falls near a certain price, the stock price will not continue to fall, or even the possibility of picking up. To prevent the stock price from continuing to fall or suspended the stock price is the support level.
    The concept is not difficult to understand. The pressure level is to press the position that does not allow you to rise as much as possible. The position that supports you not to let you fall is the support level. I think everyone should pay attention to these.
    . How to see the pressure level and support level
    1, the moving average formation
    is not uncommon for everyone. After opening the market software, in addition to seeing the K line, the largest number can be seen. It is the moving average that intersects with K -line. Don't underestimate these moving average, investors' investment mainly depends on these moving average. Let's talk about this example. The 10 -day moving average is about the average price of investors buying nearly 10 trading days, which means that when the stock price rises to the 10 -day moving average, the stock price can be easily formed. Because the trading costs of nearly 10 trading days are near here. In order to avoid the stock price from penetrating their own costs, many investors adopt the way to make up for this. On the contrary, assuming that after falling to the 10 -day moving average, it is easy to produce pressure, and investors who originate from the cost at this position are anxious to return to the position. Therefore, it will appear, the moving average cycle is getting longer and longer, and the role of support and stress will also become strong, because in the case of a long -term holding, either insist on holders, there are not a few of the short left after falling nearby to the nearby nearby. ; Either or for too long, they are sold quickly after the cost price is flat.
    2, the formation of the early height
    is the price of the K line to the early stage or falling to the early low. What is the reason for it? Because of the early high point, in general, because a large number of investors buy, a stacked high point accumulated, that is, this position has a large number of clarification chips. There are also many investors who want to escape while returning, so they have formed a throwing pressure. Conversely, if the low point is in the early stage, there is generally strong support in general. This is well understood. Everyone thinks about what kind of investors will dare to intervene at the low point of panic? That must be an investor with a firm conviction, so if the price falls near the low point, it will still have a relatively good support.

    3, the pressure and support caused by the trend line formed by multiple highs or low points
    What does this mean? In fact, multiple K -lines are repeatedly obstructed or continued when they are gradually rising or supported by multiple times. The string of these hindered and supported dots will evolve into stress and support in the future. Because when investors appear more than once in similar positions, when the stock price returns to this location again, investors will want to escape. This is easy to form pressure. When the position is supported many times, investors will think of entering the market, and it will be easier to form support or even rise. Let's browse this picture first:

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    . How to operate the pressure level and support level
    This Sister mentioned above is still based on the theoretical perspective. Stress and support, then the next sale and buying will begin. Of course, this is not to say that everyone can buy them all at one breath. The stress effect, it turned out that the pressure line will now support the support, which is a risk of uncertainty. How do I need to face it? Answer: When we involve in batches, for example, when we see the stock price is about to fall to the support position, we may wish to deploy a part of the observation warehouse first. If we encounter doom in falling, we immediately stand to prevent losses. And it has rebounded, and we can further lay out. Although our cost has been changed by the second layout, it has improved it, but everyone must understand that even if we lose some benefits, this improvement has improved. From the perspective of investment, it is naturally more important. It is certainty, you can understand it! In addition, the method is different and the details of the details are not the same. For example:
    1, the pressure and support operation details formed by moving average
    It can not expect that each moving average can guide our transactions, every one of us, every moving average, every moving average, every moving average, every moving average. Only a stock has its own temperament, which is called stocks, so each stock applied to the moving average may be different. For example, let's take a look at this stock. Once you return to the blue line every time you return to the blue line, it will be adjusted to the blue line. The support is formed, so this blue line is the 120 -day line.

    Next, let's look at this stock. As long as you step back to the 60 -day line, it will form support.

    It's support and pressure of each stock, there is a corresponding moving average to form. Then in actual combat, it is recommended that you find a detailed analysis of individual stocks to find the pressure and support that can be matched. Modeling.
    2, the pressure and support details caused by the trend line for multiple highs or low points
    We can learn through this picture, only the third support point and the third resistance point It is a buying point and selling point, because the resistance and support requires the previous two points to confirm, unless it is said that in front of this picture to confirm the other support resistance points, then there will be no big problems.

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  2. Bear market should pay attention to the powerful role of pressure levels (resistance), and sell them on the pressure level; and the bull market should pay attention to the role of support positions, buy it on the support level. At the same time, we also tell us no matter when the city, the operation must pay attention to the changes in the resistance level and support level.

    In a period of time, the two minimum points in the rise are connected, and the two highest points in the decline are connected. The following is the support line;
    The recent high point plus low point divide by 2 is the pressure level, and the difference in the low point to reduce the low point is the support level.

    ■ Viewing pressure level and support level from the K -line ■
    First, 5th, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 250 daily moving average can be used as resistance lines and support Line, these lines are below the stock price, which constitutes support; above the stock price, the pressure line is also the resistance line.

    The second, the price of the dense area. At the top of the current stock price, it will be the resistance level, and the stock price will be affected by the pressure when the stock price rebounds; below the stock price, it is the support level.

    Third, the early high point is the resistance level. Last time, the price was reduced, indicating that the price was heavy. This impact will be affected by the pressure. Essence The early low is the support level.

    The stocks from the K -line diagram some time ago, the transaction is more dense. Specifically: The support level is the price of the stock from the K -line diagram in the previous period of the stock. The price of the densely transaction is the price of the low point. The pressure level is the stock from the K -line diagram in the previous period. Point location. However, this is not absolute. Over time, it will change greatly.

    This can slowly understand. There are no 100 % successful tactics in the stock market, only reasonable analysis. Each method and skills have an application environment, and there is also the possibility of failure. Novices do not prevent the use of a bull stock mobile phone to follow the cattle people in the cattle list in the case of inaccurate grasping. This is much more secure. I hope to help you and wish you a happy investment!

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