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  1. The characteristics and advantages of Nasdaq's listing
    The content of Nasdaq's transactions is mostly new technologies, especially computers, and is the world's first electronic securities trading market. So what are the advantages of listing in Nasdaq? Let ’s take a look!
    1. Dual -track system:
    The two different standard systems of Nasdaq nationwide market and small capital markets, respectively. Essence Usually, a large -scale company trades in the national market; and smaller emerging companies traded in small capital markets because the marketing requirements for the market were not so high. However, there is no difference between the securities trading committee's supervision of the two markets.
    2. Trading system:
    Nasdaq has strong strength in market technology. It uses an efficient "electronic trading system" (ECNS) to install a total of 500,000 computers in the world Terminal transmits comprehensive offer and latest transaction information to dealers, fund managers and agents from all corners of the world. However, these terminals cannot be used directly for securities transactions. If securities brokers and dealers outside the United States are going to trade, they generally need to obtain market information through computer terminals, and then use telephones to notify the national securities dealers' association member companies in the United States to conduct relevant transactions. Due to the use of computer -based trading systems, Nasdaq's management and operating costs are low and efficient, and at the same time, it also increases the market's openness, liquidity and effectiveness.
    3. Creator:
    Nasdaq has its own Market Maker. They are some independent stock traders to undertake investors to buy a certain stock to buy a certain stock. And sell. This institutional arrangement is particularly important for those stocks with low market value and less transactions. These municipal merchants are members of NASD, which is consistent with VSE's sponsors. Each stock listed in Nasdaq must have at least two or more market merchants offer for their stock; some large-scale and more active trading stocks can often reach 40-45. On average, the number of non -American companies' stocks is about 11. Throughout the Nasdaq market, there are more than 500 markets of markets, of which 11 are active market people on the motherboard. These cities include the world's top -level investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Solomon Brothers. Nasdaq is now increasingly trying to use this market -based system to enable the stocks of listed companies to be sold at the optimal price, while also protecting investors' interests.
    4. Substitute system:
    In the Nasdaq market, the marketing people can buy and sell stocks and sponsor stocks. , Research reports on the company's stock publication and put forward recommendations.
    5. Transaction report:
    The city -made people must report to the National Securities and Trade Association authorities within 90 seconds after the transaction. The trading information of the number of buying and selling and the price forwarded to the computer terminals around the world. The information of these transaction reports is the basis for the audit of the National Securities and Development Association in the future.
    This Reading:
    The company is mainly divided into limited liability companies and shareholding limited liability companies in my country. Only stocks of limited liability companies can go to the market. The company's listing means that the company's stocks can be traded on the stock exchange. Only when specific conditions are met, can we apply to the CSRC for listing. The main conditions are as follows:
    . The stock is approved by the State Council's securities management department. Public issuance of society;
    . The total amount of the company's share capital is not less than RMB 50 million;
    3. The opening time is more than three years, and the last three years have been profitable; After the implementation of this Law, it is established and established. Its main initiative is a state -owned large and medium -sized enterprise, which can be continuously calculated;
    . The number of shareholders holding the stock value of more than RMB 1,000 is not less than one thousand yuan. People, more than 25 % of the total shares issued by the company to the society; the total share capital of the company exceeds RMB 400 million, and its proportion of shares to the society is more than 15 %;
    Fifth, the company has no major illegal acts in the past three years, and has no false records of financial accounting reports;
    If, other conditions stipulated by the State Council, such as the scope of production and operation in accordance with national industrial policies, the proportion of net assets and intangible assets accounted for Compliance with regulations, etc.
    The listed ones can expand the issuance of its stock and increase its capital, which is quite essential for a modern market economy.
    Note: Not only the stocks can be listed and traded, but the company's bonds can also go to the market; but they usually refer to stocks.

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