What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nurian X3?

What is the difference between X3 and X10? What is the price in Korea?

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  1. There is basically no difference between X3 and X9.
    x3 can be said to be the reduction of the X9. It uses the same operating system as X9. The size is relatively small. It feels that the workmanship is better than the X9. Cool, the appearance is the same as T13. There is no English -Chinese dictionary in the dictionary. Other dictionaries are similar to other models of hard work.
    The minimum price of about 180,000 in South Korea's network X3 similar to Taobao X3

  2. Nurian x3:

    The built -in Britain, South Korea, Britain/Britain/Chinese and South Korea/South Korea/South Korea/Hyundai/Korean, Japanese, Japan and South Korea/New Minghai Japanese/Korean Dictionary! (Total 45 dictionary)
    24bit TFT LCD (3.5 ")
    The rapid and powerful CPU
    supports handwriting function
    standard and vivid pronunciation n support FM radio r
    MP3 function allows you to enjoy the hearing feast
    It automatic opening and shutdown
    strong after -sales service (two years)
    Comotic 8 language session
    continuous query functions
    voice recording
    Code anti -theft function
    Font adjustment function

    Other additional functions: rechargeable battery/clear high -resolution LCD screen/r nusb2.0 high -speed high -speed high -speed high -speed high -speed Interface/fast query function/additional retrieval function (example sentences, sayings, historical query, spell query, blur inquiries)/
    The complete functions of the schedule management, personal menu, personal account, PC connection and other complete functions/
    Computors and advanced calculators such as scientific computing and scientific charts, conversion, unit conversion, etc. R n Weight: about 180 grams (including batteries)
    Material: Plastic
    Properative working voltage: 720 mAh

    Personal disadvantage is that there is no Chinese and Japanese dictionary

    nurian X10, a portable electronic dictionary with a double LCD display and improved multimedia. In addition, the main screen of the X10 is a 4.1 -inch 320 x 240 touch screen. Your PRESET RF channel. With its 1600mAh battery, you can listen to MP3 music for 11 hours, 5 hours for video observation and 14 hours of battery life. Its other gangster functions include MP3 player, FM radio, and recorder, allowing you to enjoy your audiovisual entertainment without opening the dictionary. To support XVID CODEC, this electronic dictionary can can be used to video and audiovisual formats.

    is also from the Korean brand. This Nurian X10 gives people a completely different eye -catching design. It uses quite bold orange and black match. There is also an external screen. There are also clear functional player operation keys around After opening, it is an electronic dictionary -like touch screen.

    It this product has other useful additional functions in addition to music playback, such as listening to broadcasting, recording, and even playing XVID codes Movie. Of course, you can hand input input is a major feature of it. The cost of a complete electronic dictionary of this function is not cheap, it takes 319,000 won (about 2630 yuan) And the black version is available.

    display 320 x 240 PX (82 x 63 mm) / 4.1
    color black /
    SIZE 138 x 111 x 22.5 mm r
    battend lithium life Ion 1600mAh 3.7V, DC5V

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