1 thought on “Let the column -shaped picture no longer rigid, only 1 second”

  1. The column diagram is a commonly used in chart display, but it is inevitable to see more. With the following method, the column shape looks less rigid.

    1. Find your favorite pictures on the Internet, such as coins, copy and paste to a blank place in the table (the selected picture is best for white background, which is convenient for processing).

    Plipped this picture, according to the "Picture Tool -Color-" sequence, click "Set Transparent Color" in the color, and then click on the picture to become transparent. Transparent.

    S selection picture and dragged it to the appropriate size for later use.

    2. Select the data area of ​​the pillar diagram, click inserted into the column diagram (or press the shortcut key: alt f1);

    3. Image, click the column chart in the column -shaped chart (as shown in the figure), and then press the paste (CRTL V);

    4. Press Ctrl 1 after paste, and transfer it. "Set the series format" dialog box to adjust the "classification spacing" under the "series option" column -shaped icon to zero; then check the "layers" under the "fill and line" (barrel icon); The effect shown in the figure. Figure 1-3

    The excess network cables in the figure can be deleted. You can also add data labels and modify the title as needed.

    The above is looking for pictures on the Internet to replace the column -shaped picture. You can also find your favorite shape from "inserting -shape", draw it, and in "shape fill" and "shape contour" After setting the corresponding color in the middle, it is also good to paste it into the column diagram.

    The trial, is it very simple?

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