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  1. The moving average is commonly used on the 10th, 10th, 30, 60, 120, 250, and of course you can set any moving average.
    The people who often trades in stocks know that it depends on the stock K line. The stock market has always been relatively risky. You can find some "rules" with the K -line, so as to better use it in daily stock operations
    It let's explain in detail what K -line is. It analyzes and accurate.
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    . What does the k -line of the stock mean?
    k line diagram is also called candle chart, Japanese line, yin and yang line, etc. We often call it K line. It is first used to analyze the trend of rice prices. Later Essence
    The pillar lines composed of shadow lines and entities are called K lines. The part of the shadow line on the top of the entity is called the shadow line, and the part below is called the lower shadow line.
    PS: The shadow line represents the highest and lowest price of the transaction on the day. The entity represents the opening price and closing price of the day.
    Thematic red, white pillars, or black frames can be used to represent the yang line, and choose to use green, black or blue physical columns to represent the yin line,

    When the cross line ", it means that the physical part is converted into a line.
    In fact, the cross line is not difficult to understand. You can see the closing price of the day according to the cross line = the opening price.
    In the analysis of the K line, we can grasp the sale and sale points (for the stock market, although there is no way to know the specific matter, but the K line has a certain guidance significance). It is for novices for novices. It's best to manipulate.
    The attention here is that the K -line is very difficult to analyze. For stock speculation Xiaobai, it is recommended to use some auxiliary tools to help you judge whether a stock is worth buying.
    For example, the following diagnosis link link, enter your favorite stock code, you can automatically help you valuation, analyze the market situation, etc. When I first started the stock trading, it was very convenient: it was very convenient: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    The little tricks about K -line analysis below. Next, I will tell you to let you get started as soon as possible.
    . How to use the stock K line for technical analysis?
    1. The physical line is the yin line
    The main concern at this time is how the stock transaction volume is. If the transaction volume is not large, it means that the stock price is likely to decline in the short term; and if the transaction volume is large, the price of the stock price is very large, and the price of the stock price is very large. It is likely to fall for a long time.
    2, the physical line is yang line
    What does the physical line represent the yang line? It means that the stock price rises is more motivated, but will it rise for a long time? This must be judged in combination with other indicators.
    For example, the form of broad markets, industry prospects, valuations, etc., but due to length problems, you cannot expand a detailed talk. You can click on the link below to understand: R N response time: 2021-09-24, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. The moving average is commonly used for 5 days, 10, 30, 60, 120, 250, of course, you can set any moving average
    5 daily moving average, which is the exchange rate of this currency in the last 5 days, except for mathematics from 5 to mathematics. average value. In addition to this simple average, there is a weighted average. Compared with the weighted average closer to the market, it is more sensitive to market changes. The simple moving average is relatively lagging behind, but it can exclude some false breakthroughs and the like. Each has its own advantages, each with its own shortcomings.
    Is what moving average do you use in the transaction, you must explore in practice, try, and summarize a moving average system that suits you.

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