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  1. Real -name authentication users: The monthly transfer limit is 2,000 yuan, the single transfer limit is 1,000 yuan, and the daily transfer limit is 1,000 yuan. Real -name authentication user: After the real -name system, WeChat payment does not have a limit per month, but WeChat transfer will be affected by the bank card limit. In addition, the limit of each daily limit of WeChat transfer is 200,000 yuan.
    WeChat payment is a payment function integrated on WeChat client. Users can complete the fast payment process through mobile phones. WeChat payment is based on the fast payment of binding bank cards to provide users with safe, fast and efficient payment services to users. There are many ways to pay through WeChat, namely WeChat public account payment, WeChat scanning payment, and WeChat APP payment, which are physical and virtual.
    WeChat public account payment: Payment method applied to the environment in the WeChat public account.
    WeChat scanning payment: Merchants generate two -dimensional codes and pay the payment method by WeChat code scanning.
    WeChat APP payment: The way to use apps in mobile phones or other mobile devices to adjust WeChat payment.
    The expansion information:
    The hidden function of WeChat transfer:
    The hidden function of WeChat transfer, you only use it to waste the transfer, quickly identify who your friends are. Everyone knows that there is a function that can be transferred in WeChat, so the transfer of money actually has another very magical feature, that is, in addition to transferring money, we can also use it to view information. You can see that if we do n’t have a transfer, we can only see the other party ’s nickname, but once the transfer is turned on, there will be a parentheses behind the nickname to show his name or the last word of his name. Essence
    and if his name is three words, then there will be two star numbers. If it is two words, there will be a star number. What is the use of this? Sometimes when we transfer the transfer to each other, I can confirm whether it will be the wrong account through this method, and it can be proved through the last word. And sometimes we have added some friends, but for a long time, I forgot that this is that one. I don't know which friend is, then I can click on this transfer to confirm through this name, who this person is.

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