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  1. The issuance of RMB in my country has the following three principles:
    1. Concentrated and unified distribution principles: Concentrated refers to the central government of the central government, the central government of the country. Unity refers to the issuance of the National Bank of the People's Bank of China to unified the issuance of monopoly currencies. Except for the People's Bank of China, no region, any unit or individual has the right to issue currency or the disguised currency.
    2. Principles of planning issuance: refers to the issuance of currency issuance according to the requirements of the national economic development, and it is planned to be issued in a planned manner. Specifically, the General Office of the People's Bank of China proposes the currency issuance plan, and is approved by the State Council to organize and implement it.
    3, the principle of economic issuance: or the principle of credit issuance, is the symmetry of fiscal issuance. It refers to the issue of currency issuance according to the actual needs of commodity circulation according to the development of the national economic development. This distribution is to increase currency investment on the basis of economic growth, in order to adapt and meet the objective needs of currencies on currency production and commodity circulation. It will not cause price fluctuations and inflation.
    Extension information:
    The RMB has the following functions:
    1, value scale
    value scale is the most basic and important function of currency scale. The amount of commodity value depends on the length of the necessary labor time it contains. Here, the necessary labor time of society is the inner scale of the value of the commodity. However, under the economic conditions of commodities, the amount of commodity value cannot be performed directly with labor time, and it can only be performed through currency as a value representative.
    2, circulation method
    The circulation means refers to the function of currency to act as a medium in commodity circulation. Before the appearance of currency, commodity exchange is a direct exchange of objects, that is, commodities-goods. After the appearance of the currency, the commodity exchange is carried out by currency as a medium, that is, the commodity-currency-commodity. Here, the currency plays the role of the media in the two commodity exchanges and performs the functions of circulation.
    3, payment method
    The payment method refers to the function of the currency when performing debt claims. In the commodity exchange, the trading of goods can not be used for the current payment. Due to the first purchase, the payment is paid, the seller becomes a creditor and the buyer becomes a debtor. After the agreed period, the buyer repaid the debt of the seller with the currency settlement. Here, the currency has the function of payment.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-RMB

  2. There are three main principles of RMB issuance in my country: adhere to economic issuance, adhere to plan issuance, and adhere to concentrated unity.

    1. Adhering to the issuance of economic issuance is to be issued according to the actual needs of the national economic development and according to the actual needs of commodity circulation, and through the channels of bank credit, this is the most basic principle of RMB issuance.
    2. Insist on plan issuance is that the issuance of currency must be included in the plan system of the entire country, and it is handled according to the plan to ensure the stability of the currency value and price.
    3, adherence to the principle of concentration and unity means that the People's Bank of my country is the only currency issuance agency in China, and centralized management of monetary issuance funds.
    Extension information:
    This agency
    The "People's Bank of China Law" stipulates: "People's Bank of China set up a RMB issuance library and set up a branch library in its branch. Fund shall be handled in accordance with the allocation order of the higher -level library. No unit or individual shall use the issuance of the fund. "
    The specific issuance of the RMB is handled by the issuance of the issuing fund set by the People's Bank of China, that is, the distribution library. The issuance library is an important part of the People's Bank of China. The People's Bank of China is set up according to economic development and business needs. The issuance library implements strict management of the custody issuance fund, and the confirmation of the distribution procedures of the distribution fund is reserved.
    This Fund Dialing and sending issuance funds must bring the issuance fund allocation vouchers filled in according to the distribution command, the dedicated introduction letter of the distribution fund allocation, and my work certificate to apply for it. When applying for the warehouse, fill out the distribution fund to transport the distribution voucher. The issue of the entry and exit business of the issuance of Kufan ​​must be closed on the same day to ensure that the account is consistent. The issuance library implements a double pipe library, and the same development system.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-RMB issuance

  3. Concentrated unity refers to the rights of the RMB belonging to the country, and the State Council authorizes the People's Bank of China to issue the RMB unifiedly in accordance with the law. Except for the People's Bank of China, any region, departments, units, or individuals have no right to determine or disguise RMB, and there is no right to use the issuance fund to put currency to the market.n(2) Principles of economic issuancenEconomic issuance, also known as credit issuance, corresponds to fiscal issuance. It refers to controlling and regulating the amount of currency issuance according to the actual needs of commodity circulation according to the development of the national economic development.nEconomic issuance is an increase in currency distribution on the basis of economic growth. It is an objective need to adapt to and meet the currency of the currency of production development and commodity circulation. It is a normal, necessary, and material guarantee issuance. , Will not cause inflation.n(3) Planning issuance principlenThe issuance of RMB must be carried out in accordance with national currency issuance plans. According to the needs of the development of the national economy, a comprehensive balance is made, and the currency issuance plan is formulated. After the legal approval procedures, it is strictly implemented in accordance with the plan. Adhering to the plan issuance principle is conducive to controlling the amount of currency issuance, reducing currency investment, maintaining the stability of the currency value, and promoting the healthy development of the national economy.

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